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  1. Static: Pennywise (2017 version) head prop

    Halloween Props
    Last year, I got a last-minute idea to try and make a Pennywise head prop out of an extra styrofoam head I had at the house. Somehow in 7 years living at my house, I had never thought to incorporate the storm drain in front of my yard! Anyway, you don't need a drain, he looked pretty neat...
  2. In Search of Half-Skulls

    Wanted to Buy
    Hello! Anyone know a decent source for a bunch of half skulls. You know, the sort missing their lower jaw? They always convey that sense that the skull has sat around for a while. An online source I'm fond of ordering from had some for under $5-a-pop, but ran out. Attached is a pic to give...
  3. Animatronic Eye Mechanism

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Hi all, longtime haunter first time post: This is a quick eye movement test I did of some eyes I made (these were a junk pair that I had used for a sculpting blank). The actual mechanism is made from 2 old servos, some baling wire and a home depot paint stick. It is just a test but as you see I...
  4. Electronic/Software: Stay Tombed! Radio prop

    Halloween Props
    I have a few old-style radios that I've been saving for a haunted hotel redo that I'm planning to spook up but recently was on Party City's site with clearance sale and decided to take a chance on their haunted radio. https://www.partycity.com/haunted-radio-796401.html Ordered it along with a...
  5. Static: Creepy Eye Following Portrait Easy DIY Project

    Halloween Props
    This is simple yet creepy DIY project. It's fun to watch people back up when they walk by it the first time.
  6. Electronic/Software: Help with Epitaph name for crypt with peering eye?

    Halloween Props
    I have an obelisk stone with a large base. The base is cracked and there is an eye peering out. I wanted to think of a family name to etch vertically in the obelisk. I don't believe in wasting any opportunity for an easter egg or humor in any prop, so just "RIP" won't do. Some things I spinning...
  7. Evil Eye Pelt Thing

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    When I built our new witch hut I cut pieces of the side panels from our old one to create "pelts" that look like dried or tanned skins with human body parts embedded in them. I've had many questions and requests for tutorials on them, but since they were salvaged from an older work I don't...
  8. Static: My Unorthodox pumpkin

    Halloween Props
    Awhile ago I came across a photo of some pumpkins that had been carved from the bottom instead of the top and was lit from within with some pumpkin guts hanging down. Turns out they were done by one of the moderators on this site named UnOrthoDox. I loved the look and have decided to make a...
  9. Other: horror dome ghostly apparition mask anyone have pics

    Halloween Props
    I need to replace my old zombie prop and have been looking around. this guy caught my eye. I was originally looking for a corpse trype zombie. but this guy has a lot of character. He speaks to me...
  10. 9V 2500mA DC Adapter

    Wanted to Buy
    I am in search of a 9V 2500mA DC adapter for the Dead Eye Drake animatronic from Gemmy Industries. It does not need to be the exact same adapter, and it also does not have to have the exact 2500mA it states. I just need a similar voltage to operate him. If anyone has a spare, or a link to...
  11. Dead Eye Drake microphone?

    Wanted to Buy
    Were can I purchase a Dead Eye Drake Skeleton Pirate Microphone?
  12. Idea help with a tombstone or crypt with an eye peering out a crack

    Halloween Props
    I am hoping to get ideas for what might be the best implementation of an eye peering out of a crack in something. I have an 8" digital picture frame that displays a goulish blinking eye with sound perfectly (tried both Hallowindow and FearFX videos). I will mount it inside/behind something. My...
  13. GrandinRoad - 2018

    General Halloween
    A few interesting and price-slashed items over on the Halloween Decor Outlet Sale area right now. If you wanted the "Dead and Breakfast" sign, it's now 14.97. https://www.grandinroad.com/-22dead-and-breakfast-22-halloween-wall-art/grand-finale-outlet/halloween-haven/905573 The multi-colored...
  14. Black Friday Halloween?

    General Halloween
    I don't go out on Black Friday- but I do keep an eye out for online deals at this time of year. Along with regular shopping - I usually get a few H'Day goodies. These aren't Halloween clearance items, but rather items that will come in handy for Halloween. So far, the deals have included...
  15. Life throws Halloween a curve ball this year

    General Halloween
    Hello all just wanted to share with you guys an extremely up and down humbling day we had this past Saturday. Was supposed to be the big Halloween party with all the food catered, props and decorations started months ago as well as costumes for me, my wife and two of my three kids made by us. A...
  16. Other: AtmosFX Eerie Eyes tricks/tips?

    Halloween Props
    I found these 14 inch globes at a thrift store and downloaded the AtmosFX Eerie Eyes. Anybody have any experience with setting up the Humanoid Single Eye?
  17. Halloween Forum MODERATORS WANTED!

    General Halloween
    Halloween Forum is a really unique place and we want to keep it a friendly, awesome site for Halloween enthusiasts, home haunters and professional haunters alike. So that being said, the time has come to put out a call for a few good members to step up and help keep the forum clean and tidy...
  18. Clay My Dragon's Eye Pendant

    Halloween Crafts
    here is my Dragon's Eye Pendant that I sculpted
  19. Some recent make-up attempts...

    I'm pretty new at doing major make-ups with special affects, but here are two of my attempts on my boyfriend. Chucky and Billy the Puppet, with Annabelle. I used mostly eye shadows, with Halloween face paint. I did use rigid collodion for the scars on Chucky.
  20. silicone clown

    Halloween Props
    Saw these amazing silicone clown masks from immortalmasks.com out of the 3 which one do you think looks creepier? the one with teeth in the eye lids has teeth on the back side of the head lol.