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  1. Haunt in a large party tent?

    General Halloween
    Hi everyone, here's what I have in mind. My garage is too small for a "garage haunt", and besides, it also serves as my workshop (never parked a car in there ever since we moved into the place). I do have a huge driveway, though (over 5 meter wide, 20 meter long), big enough for an 8x4 meter...
  2. New member & home prop builder

    Member Introduction
    New member and have been building props for home haunt for a few years. Here to learn some new tricks and maybe share some of my experiences. Thanks to a lot of you from YouTube videos I have built cauldron creeps, leering skeletons and added octobanger for my props.
  3. Halloween Store In Pasadena

    Member Introduction
    Hello to all, I have recently joined this forum. I am a great Halloween enthusiast love experimenting with Halloween costumes, masks, and decoration. Looking forward to sharing my experiences and knowing about yours.
  4. Hello all

    Member Introduction
    I'm Joseph Venne from Canada. I'm a nuclear engineer and I'm really excited to be a part of this community. Really glad to meet you all here and I am looking forward to hear your experiences.
  5. Am looking for fellow hunters

    Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    Hey guys was just wondering if there were any experienced haunters in the Denver, CO - Cheyenne, WY area. Both places are a 3 hour drive for me but that's what you get for living in the boonies. Just looking for shared experiences and like minded people to brainstorm with. Hit me up!!
  6. Midnight Studios FX

    Merchant Reviews
    Posting to hopefully get some dialogue going about this company. I have made one purchase from them two years ago. It was for a beautiful little creature prop called Pesci. I was more than pleased with the entire process from ordering to receiving the item. The detail and finish were amazing...
  7. Scary Halloween Night Experiences?

    General Halloween
    Feel free to share any of your scary Halloween night experiences whether it's with ghosts, creepy trick-or-treaters, creepypasta (slender man), Jason Voorhees, me, Freddy Kruger and anything else you'd like to share. Remember, here on the forum it's Halloween everyday so don't be afraid to get...
  8. I was on the Big-City Radio today.

    General Halloween
    720AM the "Mancow" show. They called telling me I would be "on" at 7:15 instead of 7:30. My wife had the channel on her computer. His callers were talking about a decrepit old shack in Gary,Indianna where some people have reported seeing incredible things,some much so, they call this Sad...