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  1. WTB: Hawthorne Village Universal Monsters

    Wanted to Buy
    Hey y'all! I'm looking to start my first Halloween Village, and I'm gonna have to do the (daunting and expensive) task of collecting some of them. Particularly interested in the Creature From The Black Lagoon one. Open to others as well! :) I know I might not get any hits here, but never hurts...
  2. Davy Jones Costume

    General Halloween
    After 5 years of the Headless Horseman, I feel it is time to change it up. I would like to be Davy Jones, the octopus pirate. I have found a few realistic costumes, but they are expensive, upwards to $3000.00 or more. Anyone here have a used “deluxe” costume or better that they ware willing...
  3. Electronic/Software: Budget Motion detector with timer? Audio?

    Halloween Props
    Don't want to buy an expensive control box. I have bought a few outdoor motion lights before and wired them to plug in the wall, using the light sockets to plug props. But is there another way, just as cheap, to have a motion detection device and an accurate timer? The motion light I made...
  4. Best supplier for electronic similar to frightprops.com

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Hi All, looking for motion detectors sound boxes ect. (Love to have an all in one motion detector, sound card/speaker and 110 outlet for a motor or light )!)Frightprops is kind of expensive. I heard they just redistribute a lot of this stuff from other vendors. Any suggestions?
  5. Mechanical: Madame Zaltana Trouble shooting HELP!

    Halloween Props
    I purchased the MZ animated prop from grandin road last year after halloween. I opened her up and put her together about a month ago, everything worked fine. She's sat in my living room (but not plugged in) since, while I got my garage haunt ready. I am now all set up & plugged her in today...
  6. Grr… Went from 3 to 1 fog machine

    General Halloween
    Figures, just when I thought I was going to have 3 fog machines this year… A couple of months ago, I tested our main fog machine and it was fine. The cheap 400W Chauvet and the 1000W no-name brand I got from Goodwill had seized up, so I put a 50/50 vinegar solution in and ran them, which...
  7. Atmosphere Effects: Stabilizing Project on it's side

    Halloween Props
    I had this problem last year, probably going to have it again. How does everyone keep your projector stable? I have two in the garage that need to go vertical and I have a hell of a time getting them to sit on their sides. The slightest movement will of course mess them up. I wish you could...
  8. WTB: Very specific hanging vampire bat creature prop from circa 2006

    Wanted to Buy
    I have an old vampire bat prop that I like to bring out around this time of year. It's probably been 12 years since I got it and it is starting to fall apart probably from taking him out of storage and putting him back. Maybe I can repair the latex, it has a hole on the chin and its feet have...
  9. Electronic/Software: Ardurino queston

    Halloween Props
    Hey all. Trying my hand at DIY props this year. Looking to go Ardurino over Pico as it seems to be less expensive. So, sorry if my question is too vague or open ended. Basically I'm doing an human interactive electric chair with electric sander, vibrating motors, flash cracker and routed fog...
  10. body paint

    i'm thinking of doing a demon finn balor costume this year, but i don't have much experience with face and body paint. (he's a wwe wrestler...see below.) does anyone have suggestions for a particular type that isn't terribly expensive and covers well?
  11. Winnie!

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Anyone have an EASY, less expensive way of making Winnie Sanderson costume? I’ve see so many on line but they’re all complicated and expensive! And anyone know of where to find stencils for her coat??
  12. New Technology Ground Fog Machine - Chauvet Cumulus

    General Halloween
    It's expensive at $1400 so let's just say that up front....There are tons of chillers on the market from the ones most of us use with ice to the mega expensive built in air condition units to C02 based chilling units....For years, I've watched the market for something that doesn't need constant...
  13. Static: Glidden Gripper or liquid nails for foam?

    Halloween Props
    I've decided to finally build my cemetery this year and am planning on reinforcing some store-bought tombstones with additional foam. In the past I've used the Liquid Nails foamboard adhesive, but from what I remember, it really didn't go that far. I have probably 30 med/large tombstones to do...
  14. Static: Help with locating a Monster

    Halloween Props
    picked up the material to make a cage today, but having trouble locating something to put inside. I like the gremlin idea but cannot find one thats not expensive. anyone have any suggestion for something that is under $20. cheaper the better. looking for something that is roughly 14"x10"
  15. Most Expensive Mask?

    General Halloween
    Just for laughs, I googled the masks used in the Denzel Washington/ Mark Walberg film, "2 Guns". They were used to hold up a bank...Whoa, those things were over $600 apiece! They ARE awesome, I must admit, but for a Home Haunter.... I dunno. The costliest mask that I have is a Killer Clown...
  16. Mechanical: Spirit Animatronics Any Good?

    Halloween Props
    Hey Guys, I've had my eye on some animatronic displays sold at Spirit, particularly the 4ft werewolf and a swinging scarecrow. However, I've never purchased any animatronics such as these before because they've always been so expensive and the quality feels like it wouldn't be the best. What's...
  17. Other: ghillie suits???

    Halloween Props
    anyone use ghillie suits can comment of how effective they are for a startle I know they can be expensive but I saw these and wonder about the quality. https://www.ltdcommodities.com/Garden--Outdoor---DIY/Outdoor/Camping---Hunting/5-Pc--Woodland-Ghillie-Suits//prod1750277.jmp?fm=search
  18. Less expensive equivalent to Chauvet 1200 fog machine

    Halloween Props
    I am looking at purchasing the Chauvet 1200 fog machine however I wanted to find out if there was a less expensive but just as good alternative to this machine. I plan on using it to pump fog thru a vortex style chiller to cover the front yard with fog for my maze. Would need a timer too...
  19. Atmosphere Effects: Atmosfear FX alternatives??

    Halloween Props
    Hi, I recently got a cheap used projector of ebay (£15/$20) which is quite bright (1200 lumens) and as well as the kids watching films from it would like to use it at Halloween. Atmosfear FX seem to be the most popular brand of scary films/clips to show, but in the UK the DVD's are expensive...
  20. Any good halloween supply stores in Europe ?

    General Halloween
    Does Anybody know any good halloween supply stores in Europe ? It seems all the good once are in the US, and it is very expensive to buy from the US with freight and taxes :)