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  1. Halloween Props
    looking at building my first mask and i was wondering if anyone could give me a few tips. let me start off by saying this mask is large. i have based the design of a SCP (special Containment Procedure.... its from a game/fan fic) the creature i want to build is called "The DoorMan SCP 303" my...
  2. Halloween Props
    We recently purchased a house with a large oak tree in front. I am expanding my cemetary this year and will be using some fog machines and AtmosFX. However, I am at a lost at what to put around the tree. I personally don't like the witches or ghosts in a circle you see everywhere. Just...
  3. Halloween Props
    Hello Haunters, Had a question regarding expanding foam and Monster Mud that I thought someone might be able to help me with. I have never used Monster Mud, but I have used expanding foam. Last year I built my mutant spider bodies out of expanding foam, but I ran into 2 problems. 1. When...
  4. General Halloween
    I decided to change my theme from pirates to a cemetery/tavern. Im thinking about expanding my display with a new facade and a walk through like this for next year.
  5. Halloween Props
    So i started to paint my expanding foam guts and paint and fake blood just disappear:eek: what im adoing wrong? I have acrylic paint and fake blood from store, please help :confused:
1-5 of 6 Results