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  1. Halloween Props
    Video of my Lifesize Exorcist prop
  2. Halloween Props
    **WARNING** explicit recording of the Exorcist , quick unboxing of my Exorcist Regan bust
  3. Halloween Props
    need some help anyone ever make a regan from the exorcist I want to make her head spin I found an amazing bust I would buy! I need some help finding the hands and feet where can I get some at?
  4. Halloween Props
    I posted the following in the costume thread, but didn't get any replies. I thought it might be more appropriate to post in here: I want to dress as Regan this year, the possessed girl from the Exorcist, including the 360 degree spinning head. Any ideas how best to do it? I figure a small DC...
  5. Halloween Costume Ideas
    I want to dress as Regan this year, the possessed girl from the Exorcist, including the 360 degree rotating head. Any ideas how best to do it? I figure a small DC motor, preferably with wireless remote in my pocket, but it could be wired as well. I could mount the motor on a very small platform...
  6. Halloween Props
    I am wanting to build a prop of the scene from the exorcist where the girl crawls upside down the staircase. I have the staircase. ...any ideas on how to get a girl prop to come down and then reset back up the stairs?
  7. General Halloween
    i think ive been too many characters... im running out of ideas... characters ive been- A witch Catwoman A vampire Samara from The Ring A ghost Jason Voorhees Regan McNeil (Exorcist) Michael Myers Freddy Krueger Buguul Annabelle (most recent) what else can I be?
    What is the best way to make the bed shake in our Exorcist room next year. I would assume pnuematics, but we have never worked with them in the past. Not sure where to start or what an estimated cost would be. Any insight would be great
  9. General Halloween
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VsA3nxzgK-M I thought it was interesting to see some reactions to people watching the Exorcist when it first came out in theaters. I've always heard people were freaking out leaving the theaters and crying but never actually seen it before. Skip to about 1:35 to...
  10. Halloween Props
    Lying Regan - Exclusively at Spirit this Halloween Season What could be worse than watching Regan possessed by the devil - unless it's happening in your own home. This life-size officially licensed Rising Regan Animated Prop from The Exorcist does exactly what you'd expect and nothing...
  11. Halloween Music
    Hey there, I love halloween and last year got into audio editing. I created a 20 minute long halloween mix using sound effects and some classic horror movie music. Also, if anyone has seen the Saw series, you know how creepy his voice is over the cassette player, so I mashed up literally word...
  12. Halloween Props
    Regan from Exorcist Coming Soon to Spirit Halloween Many requests for this prop over the years. Life size- 5ft tall, head spins 360 degrees, eyes light up white, body shakes, mouth moves, movie music and 6 movie dialogue cuts! Includes AC/DC Adapter or Battery Operated 3 "AA" batteries ( not...
  13. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Hi everyone finished a sculpture of the exorcist and i am putting it up for sale... i dont like to put specific things in my sculpture like eyes or teeth or a wig cause people tend to change it all up and like it different there way so i have pics but its the basic clay face with a coast of bold...
  14. Halloween Props
    I know. The thread title is pretty strange...ha-ha. And I don't know if 'props' is the right place to ask about this, but I figured I'd give it a shot anyway. I'm being Regan this Halloween and I'd like to have some 'regurgitated pea soup' on my nightgown. How pleasant! But I'm not sure how I'd...
  15. Halloween Props
    "Possessed girl" on ebay (once sold by spirit) - $22.00. Spinning Motor- $10.00 PVC Pipe - $6.00 Seeing the dog, wife, and friend FREAK- PRICELESS! LOL!! $38.00 TOTAL! I have some pics and a video below...
1-15 of 17 Results