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  1. Halloween Props
    I want to light my Haunted Mansion portraits with an external light, then also have the internal lights that give them the changing portrait effect light up via a lighting controller soundtrack, can this be done by using a prop controller such as a picoboo or arduino? As of now I have just...
  2. Halloween Props
    I have this motor with pulley that is attached to my cage prop that I want to spin a couple feet off the ground. Are there any suggestions on how I can anchor this motor to some fixed point? I tried attached to a long piece of wood whose ends were held between two bird feeder poles but I'm...
  3. Halloween Props
    I have been trying to find a blacklight that can be used outdoors (waterproof), but haven't found one. Does anyone know if such a thing exists? Or has anyone come up with a way to protect one from the rain and still be usable? Thanks!
1-3 of 4 Results