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  1. Halloween Props
    Anyone have experience creating fake explosions? I'd like to simulate a small explosion that would result from cannon fire. It would need run several times during the evening. I've seen examples using flour/baby powder and an air cannon....which would be perfect except it would need refilling...
  2. Halloween Props
    I picked up a skeleton from Spririt the other day, but it is way too cute for my yard. I am looking into converting him into a groundbreaker and would like him to have a greyish corpse look to him similar to the below pictures. I've seen some posts about using plastic wrap and a heat gun to...
  3. General Halloween
    This may be stretching the General Halloween topic, but what kind of buildings do you all store your things in? I'm in the process of building a storage building and would like a bug free yet vented structure and thought you all may have examples and ideas! :)
  4. General Halloween
    Hey Everyone, I currently live in an apartment and am looking to do something fun and unique to decorate my balcony. However, I'm drawing some blanks on ideas on ideas. Does anyone have any suggestions, examples or ideas on what might be cool to do within such a space? I'd appreciate...
  5. Halloween Props
    I would love to get into making some giant props by carving them out of foam. You see them on movie sets and some other professional prop builder sites. My question is where do get them? Here are some examples of the type of things others have done. Any help appreciated.
  6. Halloween Props
    Hello! I went to the fabric store recently and bought some chiffon to rear project a ghost "hologram" in a window, and did some testing last night. The overall effect on the fabric was decent, but I noticed the glass of the window creates a double image that really spoils the effect from some...
1-6 of 7 Results