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  1. Halloween Props
    This year I’m adding an evil/creepy clown/doll room do my haunted house. I hope to have a dozen scary dolls as well as several clowns ranging from small to ginormous including a huge full size 2-clown animatronic. Anyhow, I just came into possession of these two lovely clown dolls and am seeking...
  2. Halloween Props
    this is the fifth warrior skeleton in my evil dead army
  3. Halloween Crafts
    I made this cool looking Resident evil employee starter Board.
  4. Halloween Props
    i came up with a new idea for a Project to start on as summer approaches and I have a cool concept and layout art to show you I drew first and work on my computer on
  5. General Halloween
    Has anyone out there ever came up with a Resident evil theme display if yes what kind of decorations and props and music sounds you use in this theme display I wanted to make mine very cool I never done a theme on a horror game before but I think this will be very challenging but I will see...
  6. Announcements / Press Releases
    This week on Haunted Radio, we are featuring news on Trick Or Treat Studios, Stan Against Evil, The Lost Boys, Resident Evil, Alone: The Life Of Poe, Queen Mary, Ghostbusters, Morbius, and more!! Then, we review the John Carpenter film 'In The Mouth Of Madness' and then the Freak bring you the...
  7. General Halloween
    This couple won favorite costume... Funniest costume - They came in singing and had everyone roaring! Folks at the party... our party theme was NMBC. I put this tableau together to go in our family room... I made this Oogie Boogie for photo ops... I made a toe-pincher sleigh pulled by...
  8. Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    When I built our new witch hut I cut pieces of the side panels from our old one to create "pelts" that look like dried or tanned skins with human body parts embedded in them. I've had many questions and requests for tutorials on them, but since they were salvaged from an older work I don't...
  9. Halloween Music
    Hi Gang! I know Dark Lord has helped me immensely in the past, but I'm looking for ideas or actual music for a haunted/abandoned farmyard/cornfield theme for my yard haunt.... Thanks in advance!!
  10. Announcements / Press Releases
    Episode 73: Klaatu Barada Nikto - featuring prop master Evil Ted Smith of The Evil Ted Channel, Evil Dead 2 replica cabin builders Steve & Don Doleshal of Jack's Hollow, and music from Nox Arcana's Buzz-Works album House of Nightmares. PLUS: Mad Props for Props, Something Wicked with Ed Gannon...
  11. General Halloween
    hello everyone i just joined this site. I'm Freakshow The Clown and i have been haunter for a few years now. i work for a charity haunt that the money goes to restore a historical sights. i do have a small budget every year. I am looking for ideas for a room. it is a black light fun house full...
  12. Halloween Music
    Come listen to the Monster if you dare.... :cool: https://youtu.be/ye6HbeXJe8M
  13. Halloween Props
    Here is our spooky tree we created for our Hansel and Gretel yard haunt. Trunk is made with wire fencing stacked two high and secured with zip ties and 2x4s. Arms were formed with heavy wire and pool noodles then attached to trunk with L brackets. We used paper mache to create bark texture...
  14. Member Introduction
    Hope I didn't scare ya, but I'm sure you are all used to it by now :P I'm Bill, from middle TN (originally from Chicago). I own a haunt going on its second year, Malice Haunted Attraction...but have worked and managed haunts since i was about 10. I also am the front man for Evil Olive...
  15. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Life size evil dead inspired midnight studios fx dancing linda head great details on this life size prop head latex foam filled will make an amazing life size zombie! Paid $200 140 obo plus shipping.
1-16 of 55 Results