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  1. Older Trick or Treaters

    Halloween Props
    What is your creative way of passing out candy to Older Trick or Treaters? In 2017 Older Trick or Treaters had to reach into other dimension via Trick or Treat book being watched by Annabelle. Annabelle would sit up when the book was reached into. Most Trick or Treaters were to freaked out by...
  2. Mechanical: Possessed Ash from Evil Dead 2 Prop idea.

    Halloween Props
    I got a Animated Swaying Zombie kit from Spider Hill props for my Birthday this year and I've good a good idea of what to do with it! http://www.spiderhillpropworks.com/Animated-Prop-Kits_c_12.html I've been a HUGE Evil Dead fan for years would love to have a ED2 prop in my haunt. Looking for...
  3. Static: "Evil Dead" - style illustrations for a Necronomicon or witch's book

    Halloween Props
    I just posted this as a response in a thread over in the Tutorials forum, thought I'd share it here, too: An excellent collection of "Evil Dead" - style illustrations. Scroll down to the albums for "Groomicronicon." Stay ethical, guys, non-profit only. http://www.goominet.com/lovecraft/
  4. my 7 year old's Evil Dead Ash costume

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    I made my son this Evil Dead costume, he wore it today to Halloween Day at camp, 2 of the counselors knew what he was right away and had a big laugh. None of the kids got it. The chainsaw arm is a modified toy that runs on batteries and makes a convincing motor sound when activated. The wooden...