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  1. Mechanical: Possessed Ash from Evil Dead 2 Prop idea.

    Halloween Props
    I got a Animated Swaying Zombie kit from Spider Hill props for my Birthday this year and I've good a good idea of what to do with it! http://www.spiderhillpropworks.com/Animated-Prop-Kits_c_12.html I've been a HUGE Evil Dead fan for years would love to have a ED2 prop in my haunt. Looking for...
  2. Static: "Evil Dead" - style illustrations for a Necronomicon or witch's book

    Halloween Props
    I just posted this as a response in a thread over in the Tutorials forum, thought I'd share it here, too: An excellent collection of "Evil Dead" - style illustrations. Scroll down to the albums for "Groomicronicon." Stay ethical, guys, non-profit only. http://www.goominet.com/lovecraft/
  3. my 7 year old's Evil Dead Ash costume

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    I made my son this Evil Dead costume, he wore it today to Halloween Day at camp, 2 of the counselors knew what he was right away and had a big laugh. None of the kids got it. The chainsaw arm is a modified toy that runs on batteries and makes a convincing motor sound when activated. The wooden...