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  1. General Halloween
    So far I have only hit two Spirits-went later in the morning but got a few "essentials." Posable Dummy Ghost Swing Rotating Mechanism Freddy Tote Bag Lighted Halloween Garland Pumpkin Stencils Freddy vs Jason Two bags of webs...one regular, one Glow in the Dark. Lets see pics of everyones Hauls :)
  2. General Halloween
    What's everyone's favourite tipple at Halloween? I love the Autumn releases from Wychwood Brewery, such as Dunkel Fester and Pumpking ;) What do you all fancy?
  3. General Halloween
    I'm wanting to know what everyone's must watch movie/TV show at Halloween. The #1 that you absolutely have to see no matter what. I'm hoping to come across new stuff with everyone's response. Mine is Halloween 1978. It's my must watch on the 31st. Even though I watch it a lot through out the...
  4. Member Introduction
    Just wanted to say hi! I'm Robyn and it's NEVER too early to start planning for this upcoming Halloween! That's why I'm here and am excited to see everyone's ideas come to life! Getting some great ideas already and cannot wait to finally (hopefully) post some of MY ideas here!!
  5. Halloween Props
    Hey Guys, I've had my eye on some animatronic displays sold at Spirit, particularly the 4ft werewolf and a swinging scarecrow. However, I've never purchased any animatronics such as these before because they've always been so expensive and the quality feels like it wouldn't be the best. What's...
  6. Halloween Props
    I am using the Casa fabric and an Epson 740hd projector. Even on economy mode, is it too bright? I just need everyone's opinion. Halloween is getting close. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7te081SIUUE
  7. Member Introduction
    Hello everyone! Lurked on here for a while but figured this season would be the season I join. Looking forward to seeing everyones decorations!
  8. Member Introduction
    Hi everyone I just joined the forum. I am looking forward to seeing everyone's ideas and sharing some of my own. Bill :)
  9. Member Introduction
    Hello from AZ. Thanks for allowing me to see and comment on everyone's great ideas and projects.
  10. Member Introduction
    Hi! I'm a Halloween fan and have come to this site for years for inspiration. Finally decided that I would register and say Hello! Can't wait to see everyone's new and exciting theme's for Halloween 2015.
  11. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Finally able to share pics with everyone. Here is a link to see pics from my last two parties. 2014 Universal Monster Mash Family Reunion and 2012 Slashback to the 80s. https://zoemorgan2halloweenparties.shutterfly.com/ Enjoy! :D I'm skipping a 2015 party but my 2016 party will be "...
  12. Member Introduction
    Hey there! My name is Scotty and I've been haunting since I was 12. Halloween is my favorite time of year (Isn't it everyones?). Anyway, thanks for letting me join! Stay cool and get you scare on!
  13. General Halloween
    I have been looking and commenting on individual haunt display, and I just have to say everyone is amazing. The talent, creativity and inspiration of everyone's displays blows me away. I humbly bow to all who have posted their indoor and outdoor display. Bravo! Bravo! to you all.
  14. General Halloween
    What's everyones theme this year? I've listed some of the most popular. If yours is "Other" like mine is, post your theme below!
1-14 of 16 Results