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  1. Pneumatic: weathering galvanized steel trash can - muriatic acid?

    Halloween Props
    I'm building a trash can trauma prop and want to weather the 31 gallon galvanized steel trash can, add some rust. I read somewhere that there is a youtube video on how to do this using muriatic acid. I can't seem to find that exact video. Anybody have tips on precisely what I need to do? (Do I...
  2. Prop Showcase: Haunted tree reveal!

    Halloween Props
    Haunted tree reveal!:D I was cutting it short close on my tree! I was literally finishing the touch ups right as my husband was putting it together yesterday! Even though I did not get a chance to paint it, it still looks great! I got so many compliments on my tree and people couldn’t believe I...
  3. Well it was bound to happen eventually - Halloween weater

    General Halloween
    Might be the first Halloween ruined by weather since I've been doing my yard haunt. The worst part is that it's beautiful weather until Halloween, 55 with a 50% chance of rain and gusty winds on Halloween, then back to beautiful weather the rest of the week. ONE day I ask for nice weather...
  4. Static: Epitaph Wall

    Halloween Props
    So I made this a number of years ago. It will (eventually) span all the way across the porch (hopefully next year) BUT i have a small problem. It's more or less secure across the top, but the bottom flops around in the wind despite a wood frame behind. The screws are also puling away from the...
  5. Hello Everyone! Donna Here

    Member Introduction
    I am just a fashion blogger and loves to celebrate Halloween like everyone out here. So, my new content will be based on the fashion trends for the Halloween which will eventually help everyone here... I would require participation and encouragement from all you so. I could create greater &...
  6. Static: Shepherds hooks

    Halloween Props
    I have an abundance of shepherds hooks, double an single that stand from 6 to 8 feet tall. is there anything creepy I can do with them? I am drawing a blank on what to do. I will eventually sell the bulk of them this summer if I can't figure out what to do with them.
  7. From VA over here

    Member Introduction
    hey everyone, been involved in tons of forums, but this is my first Halloween and haunted house one. I want to eventually own my own haunted house one day. I have huge plans for it.
  8. Local Ghost Sightings Near You?

    Paranormal and the Unexplained
    Alright, I know for a fact that every one on here has heard of at least one Ghost Sighting near where they live. Well, I'd like to hear them and I'm sure other people would to. I think it's a good idea to tell some ghoulish tales that you grew up with. Or at least a ghost story you are familiar...