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  1. Mechanical: At one time there was a webpage to some of the bguys, whom built...est DIY

    Halloween Props
    Hello all.... There was a group of guys who loved to build and create Cemetery Fences, Gargoyles, columns ect. The name of their web page was called "Wolfstone"....Does anyone know of their whereabouts? I have some Gargoyle Latex molds that I would like to build a frame -support for the, use a...
  2. Halloween Live on Youtube!

    General Halloween
    So I have been playing with OBS and have a feed of one of my cameras of the front yard. I am putting it live most times from around 9pm to midnight edt as I work away on the show. Soon i will have multiple camera angle and will broadcast live halloween night.
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    We're offering a 2 day flash sale with 30% off everything online! Add some life to your next Halloween display with our Pumpkin Projection Animations. www.spooklabs.com Coupon code: SPOOK30OFF Expiry date: Oct 20, 2015 11:59pm EST
  4. Other: Amazon Prime Day/Walmart Rollback Day Deals Thread

    Halloween Props
    Hi all, I'm always looking for deals on stuff that I can use for Halloween. I'll post anything haunt related that I can find. Please do the same. [Any chance of getting this to be "sticky" on July 15, 2015?] Mid-morning EST $15.98 - Onite Living 256 Colors LED Light, Touch Pad Control...