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  1. Other: Essentials for building a good prop or just to scare people

    Halloween Props
    As I work in my last few items for this year I realized it took a lot of trial and error to figure out what is absolutely need for building props. Everyone post pics, links, and whatever else you have found through the years to be extremely helpful in making a good scare. I'll try to compile a...
  2. White Light Smile - Get Brighter Smile With Confidence!

    Member Introduction
    This can fulfill affected gums and in addition scratched lips or on a to a remarkable degree essential level all the more incredible 'ol shaped results. Using things that are awful 'ol proposed for you will make poor results.
  3. essential Halloween decorations?

    General Halloween
    What is that one thing that you can't go without for Halloween? For me it's spider webbing! I use that stuff everywhere.