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  1. Custom CNC Machined Gravestones with Custom Illuminated Epitaphs

    For Sale By Merchants
    Fully machined gravestones with custom epitaphs. $35each. Minimum of 4 per order. Shipping costs will be added. These are approx 16" x 24 and 3" deep. They come with LED lighting inside so you just need to hook up to a transformer. Really cool effect for your cemetery this Halloween!
  2. Tombstone advice please...

    General Halloween
    Hi all, I have been asked to make a couple of tombstones to go in the window of a local bakers shop for Halloween. They have left the epitaph up to me with just a few conditions. No swear words or references to sex? in other words they have to be child friendly. I wanted to do something funny...
  3. Need help with Pirate epitaphs

    General Halloween
    We are working on a dishonorable pirate graveyard for our side yard. I have come up with wording for the entrance sign but then my brain stopped. Need ideas for epitaphs that shows how they broke "The Code" Entrance sign will read "As you walk by, don’t shed a tear O’er these sorry sailor’s...
  4. Other: Some new grave markers; WIP

    Halloween Props
    Adding a few new grave markers to our cemetery this year. Got three sheets of foam in varying thicknesses. Foam was cut, epitaphs were printed and routed out using a dremel. I'm in the process of making the base boxes for two of the smaller stones. The largest will be about 5 ft tall when done...
  5. Static: My pug marked my tombstone

    Halloween Props
    I put a coat of grey paint on several tombstones and then left them to dry in the garage. I came out later to find that my pug, while on a trip through the garage, decided to leave his dirty-pawed mark in the drying paint. Now the kids want me to turn this tombstone into a monument for a dog...
  6. Static: My 1st Tombstones (works in progress)

    Halloween Props
    Plunging in this year with both feet! Of course, should have started earlier, but that's life! :D About to the aging stage on these two... And finishing them off overall. Then, going to make more! We like the funny epitaphs around here. :) Thanks to ALL here who have inspired, guided...
  7. Tombstone text/Epitaphs with an Exacto knife :D

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    This is my first tutorial so if you can think of anything which would make it better or clearer then please tell me, thanks :D Many people use a dremel for carving out epitaphs/text on there tombstones, but i find this technique to be incredibly messy and the results are not great, i know this...