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  1. Halloween Props
    So I made this a number of years ago. It will (eventually) span all the way across the porch (hopefully next year) BUT i have a small problem. It's more or less secure across the top, but the bottom flops around in the wind despite a wood frame behind. The screws are also puling away from the...
  2. Halloween Props
    Anyone have an amusing epitaph to add to a Stella Live tombstone I'm working on? It sits over a breathing grave and I feel it needs more than just the name but I can't think of anything!
  3. General Halloween
    I always call where I live a little town, but it's really a small city of 40 000 people. A year or so ago, a group took over an old school building and reinvented it as a STEAM center and maker space. For a membership fee, you can visit and use the facilites and the tools they have there, and...
  4. Halloween Props
    I am making a tombstone for: Rose T. Horns The epitaph needs some work, this is what I am thinking at the moment: A flower left unplucked For all feared the prick of her sharp tongue Looking for something that rhymes better, and warns all of the thorns
  5. Halloween Props
    I picked up a three cardboard tubes at curbies, one 10 inches wide by 68 inches and two 4 inches by 50 inches. I had them sitting in my shop against the shelves and they looked like a large trophy. So I thought if I could come up with the proper epitaph I would make a tombstone. while thinking...
  6. Blog
    This is a two-part video series on how to make Halloween Tombstones: Following is an outline and pictures of the construction of this stone: Okay, let's start: Cut Foam: First off...ALWAYS WEAR A MASK WHEN CUTTING FOAM! The foam dust floats through the air and...
1-6 of 6 Results