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  1. Halloween Music
    https://archive.org/details/WPTG6 I've been making this podcast for three years running now, it's basically a vintage halloween playlist with really bad halloween jokes in between! Its definitely work and kid safe! There are six episodes total, listen to the latest and if you're into it catch...
  2. General Halloween
    I didn't see a forum for Halloween film/tv so I thought I'd post this here! I'm curious as to what are some of your favorite tv episodes that are not Halloween episodes but still fun to enjoy on Halloween due to the theme? For example, the episode of Boy Meets World 'And Then There Was Shawn'...
  3. General Halloween
    As far as I'm concerned, Roseanne still has the best Halloween episodes. They always went all out. What's your favorite?
  4. General Halloween
    Does anybody know where I can find whole episodes of Midnight Madness with Elvira, Mistress of the Dark online? I've tried Youtube but all I can find are 1 to 3 minute clips. I'm looking for full episodes if anybody knows where to find them I would be eternally grateful...
  5. General Halloween
    So, have you guys seen this?!?!? I just found out about it today. It starts this October and is a series of 10 episodes all centered around Halloween. I'm so excited I could just vomit! I've been waiting for a show like this for 40 years!!!!!!!:D
  6. General Halloween
    Found this today at Hastings. I haven't heard anyone mention it and I know a lot of you like the Halloween episodes of tv shows. Just bringing it's existence to attention :cool:
  7. General Halloween
    What Halloween tv specials/episodes are you going to watch this year on TV? What are some of your favorites? I watch some of my favorites but they dont show on tv anymore but i get them on Youtube.... I like watching Sabrina The Teenage Witch Halloween episodes, Family Matters, Roseanne and a...
1-7 of 13 Results