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  1. Halloween Costume Ideas
    A friend of mine is having a Halloween party this weekend and wants to push the envelope. He wants to be a poophead (he used different language) and asked if I could come up with something to top his costume off. He wanted it to be gross. After some trial and error this is what I came up...
  2. Haunted Humor
    Here's a fake trailer for a movie about Christmas Season trying to take over Halloween and also murder people. I decided to make the video after I saw a christmas themed envelope on October 15th. The madness needs to stop.
  3. Announcements / Press Releases
    This new edition of the Halloween raffle (I have done three of these this year, this is #4) is for a small envelope containing a SPOOKY LETTER FROM A GHOST as well as a couple of small trinkets. This is arguably one of the smaller offerings of our raffles in terms of the actual size of the...
  4. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    My recently deceased great uncle was a bit of an odd duck, but also a near-professional amateur photographer in his youth. My mother served as executrix of his estate, and we're dispersing the final odds and ends that no one else in the family wanted. Among his vast stock of black and white...
  5. General Halloween
    Okay, I did this a few years back and it really worked out well. I am not doing the Secret Reaper thing this year--as much fun as that is--so that I can do this. I am assembling three small foam envelope packets of Halloween trinkets and things. Not sure what there will be in these, but it...
1-5 of 5 Results