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  1. Static: Cemetery entry gates - a grand plan

    Halloween Props
    Hi Guys, I thought I would share with you all my grand plans for some cemetery entry gates that I plan on building for this years display, along with some other things. I have had the guys in the metal shop at work(It pays to have a good boss) who have made me up some metal frames for...
  2. Electronic/Software: Rising crucifix help.

    Halloween Props
    To get you up to speed, we are doing for the third time, a large haunted house for our town. We have an old cool looking "Depot". Used to be a place where trains dropped off products back in the day. We will have 7 evenly spaced "haunt rooms" Each room is 20 X 17 feet and will flow into each...
  3. Halloween 2019

    General Halloween
    Well made the first entry on my Halloween 2019 to do list. Anyone else already at least writing down ideas?
  4. Win Over $750 in Halloween Digital Decorations from AtmosFX

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    Win an AtmosFX Holiday Digital Decorating Kit as well as several of AtmosFX’s Digital Decorations. This includes an HD projector, tripod, remote, projection material and 16 pre-loaded scenes. Valued at over $750 in digital decorations for both Halloween and Christmas, this is a must-have for any...
  5. Win over $725 in Props and Accessories from FrightProps courtesy of FrightFind.com

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    Win the entire FrightProps Prize pack including a $200 FrightProps gift card, 4 Flash Crackers, a Brain Beanie, a Trick Or Treat Severed Head Bag, a Bucket of Poo, a Torso Prop, a Skinned Fox, and a ColorPiano Light! Valued at over $725 in Halloween & haunted house accessories, this is a must...
  6. Halloween Forum Giveaways/Contests/Prizes

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  7. All new entry and fencing for Mt Ogden Manor 2015

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    For 2015 I finally built a new entry and fencing for our haunt. We call it Mt Ogden Manor and so far it has been a walk around. I've posted some pictures of the elements to this build in the prop section, but decided to put it all together in a picture tutorial. The build includes a complete...
  8. shameless plug for pumpkin carving votes

    General Halloween
    http://thepostnewspapers.upickem.net/r/2uYYsp33aBE?r=489089 Please vote for my carved pumpkin entry in this contest. thanks! Keith
  9. Static: Entry pillars and gate

    Halloween Props
    So this prop is 3 wings from being done. It's been a fun one and I can't wait to finish the wings. It stands 11-1/2 feet tall. I modeled it after the entry to Disneyland's Haunted Mansion, only mine is bigger!
  10. Graves of the Groves - Another Mashup

    General Halloween
    Hope you enjoy, this is my entry video for the HVA's
  11. Halloweeen Contest 2014

    Have any of you been to a halloween costume contest? If so feel free to show it here and tell uf if you've won something or should have won because the judges were so biased. Here's my entry for this year' halloween contest you can vote by liking sharing this pic =D...
  12. Other: Entry Archway with Blacklight Bolt for Trick-or-Treater's to Walk Thru

    Halloween Props
    I built an entry archway for ToT that was a hit with young and old ToT's alike. Especially if they were wearing white because the black light bolt made them glow. I got the idea of having them walk thru something that had depth to it from the Gemmy inflatables haunted houses. Mine is built...