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  1. Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    I just moved from Raleigh to Orlando. Anyone know of any Meetup groups for Haunted Mansion enthusiasts in the Orlando, FL. With the Magic Kingdom at my doorstep, my wife and I will be purchasing annual passes to WDW. It would be great to meet some Haunted Mansion fans in my area to hang-out...
  2. Member Introduction
    Yay what an awesome site! I wish I had known about this site years ago! I'd like to thank you all ahead of time for all the inspiration! I look forward to being a member and getting to know y'all :D.
  3. Member Introduction
    New to this forum stuff. Very excited about meeting local Halloween enthusiasts. Hoping for a fun Halloween 2016 for all!
  4. Member Introduction
    hello my fellow spooky friends! My name is Brooke, and I am 33. I joined a few days ago, and am very excited to have found such a KILLER forum!! I am thoroughly impressed with the huge amount of excellent content ??? Very glad to be in the company of fellow Halloween, and all things macabre...
  5. Hi

    Member Introduction
    I'm glad i found this site. Can't wait to chat with other Halloween enthusiasts!
  6. General Halloween
    Ok people, we are slacking. I don't know how we haven't reached the goal number of signatures on this petition yet! Halloween enthusiasts unite and save Making Monsters!!! This is just the best show! C'mon! it takes five seconds...
1-6 of 7 Results