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  1. For Sale By Merchants
    Give your Costume Character a Voice! We got a lot of requests from our customers who wanted an "ALL IN ONE" Speaker that is Programmable, Portable, Light Weight, Awesome Sound Quality, and can be Triggered with your hand so your costume character can talk. Just Program your Voices/Sounds (8MB...
  2. Halloween Props
    I want to do a sewer theme this year and would like to have endless tunnels. I saw a great pic of an endless hallway, but for the life of me can't figure out how to make the curved ceiling...lol. Any suggestions?
  3. Halloween Props
    Hope this works, this is my collection from the past 12 years. Next year I plan on adding an air cannon, Vibrating bridge, and endless pit. Every thing went well, except the home made fog chiller didnt work out.
  4. Halloween Props
    Here is an 18 second clip of my Endless Mineshaft http://youtu.be/Hff2NxeY1go Here is part of the skeleton build: more to come Doc
1-4 of 5 Results