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  1. Egyptian 2018 home haunt

    General Halloween
    Here is the link to my album----> https://photos.app.goo.gl/JUnBwCGV57qMycib8 I was out of work due to surgery so I had alot of time to work on my costume ?. Once I was feeling a bit more mobile ( and the weather let up a little - was like 94 degrees here-) I was able to complete the...
  2. GrandinRoad Halloween Sale 20% plus Free Ship - Exp. 10/8

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    GrandinRoad has a Halloween Sale on right now through Monday, 10/8 @ 11:59pm ET. 20% off plus Free Shipping. Code is SETSALE. A number of items are already sold out and some items remaining are already reduced so this sale would be on top of the lower prices. Only exclusion for halloween items...
  3. FREE Shipping and 50% off during our Early Bird Halloween Sale!!!!

    For Sale By Merchants
    Happy Halloween everyone!! Our Early Bird Halloween Sale is coming to a close! We are offering 50% off our best selling halloween mask! We are ending this sale and want to give everyone the opportunity to get this sweet mask at a hugely discounted price! GET YOUR MASK HERE -->...
  4. Watched Green Inferno

    Horror Discussion
    So I watched the much-hyped cannibal movie Green Inferno last night, and it sucks. :p Seriously sucks. Like, Plan 9 From Outer Space sucks. The first half of the movie is enough to put you to sleep, and the second half is so worthless you wish the first half had done a better job of knocking...
  5. Too much to do?

    General Halloween
    We are doing a party this year in addition to decorating as usual, but changed themes completely - usually do a typical spooky graveyard, but I fell hard for the carnival/circus theme and that meant starting almost from scratch on all decorations. I am the only one that builds and works on...
  6. How I Met Your Mother Series Finale

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Just got done watching the how i met your mother series finale, what can I say? A total blunder of a way to end the show, I invest 9 years into this show and they end by killing off the mother and Ted gets back with Robin. Seems to me that the mother was just a " sergeant vagina ”... The whole...