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  1. Target -- 2019

    General Halloween
    Was in Target this week and saw these kind of cool Harry Potter-licensed lamps. The bulb sits down inside the base. For anyone doing a Potter theme though these might look great on two entrance columns for example. Didn't see the price on them and might be up on the website. They were refreshing...
  2. www.HalloweenSupplyUSA.com - AVOID

    Merchant Reviews
    Very poor, very disappointing experience with www.halloweensupplyusa.com. On October 7th we ordered a Skull Trooper Halloween Costume for my 11 year old son. My son is one of the many Fortnite video game addicts in this age group. If he was allowed to, he would spend 24/7 playing. He loves...
  3. Help Needed: Tengchang 1500w Low Lying Smoke Fog Dry Ice Effect Machine

    General Halloween
    So I purchased this Tengchang 1500w low lying fog machine as it was reviewed as being one of the best on the market, but when I got it there was no instruction manual. I contacted the seller but there appears to be a language barrier. So here are my questions, do I unscrew the back panel to...
  4. Are these Questions/Riddles too difficult for a Party Game?

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    These questions/riddles will be found on our trail 1. Armless legless I crawl around when I am young Then the time of changing sleep will come I will awake like a newborn, flying beast till then on the remains of the dead I will feast 2 Take off my skin and I won't cry but you...
  5. Help/Feedback on 2016 theme (Spooky Classroom)

    General Halloween
    I'm looking for suggestions/help/feedback on my 2016 theme - I'm calling it "Ghoul School" for now. Just for perspective, my yard has 2 sections (sidewalk in the middle), that are each 13'x11'. This is what I have so far: Section 1 - Classroom -Witch teacher with blackboard -Variety of...
  6. Last night Dec. 12-2014

    General Halloween
    A man came here for a house tour from three hours away bringing 4 teenage boys with him,two were his sons. the one boy had said via previous communication that he was looking forward to seeing what I had posted about on Facebook. I know that I have at least four new things here , but maybe he...
  7. Halloween Night Dinner

    General Halloween
    The true nature of All Hallow's Eve originally known as Samhain (pronounced Sow-en) has a focus on the dinner portion. Apparently, they would light candels in their windows to attract their dead loved ones and when cooking a grand meal, they would leave an empty seat with a full plate of food...