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  1. Sad Halloween

    General Halloween
    It took me longer than usual to find my Halloween spirit this year. I was really dreading all the hard work that it takes to get my haunt together. Then I picked out a theme that I got really excited about and got to work last Friday. Once I started working on my garage, I remembered why I...
  2. A Poem written in a library

    Literature and Role-Playing
    What Angel? His Dog was old(but not that "Old") His time was near, we had been told. He would smile when you called his name a large Dog with Hip Cancer was half lame Part German Shepard, he was a good-hearted Dog Who loved to run and chase through woods and Bog The Vet was late to bring Mr...
  3. Touch and Smell: Seven Layers of Scare

    Part of series: Seven Layers of Scare: http://www.halloweenforum.com/blogs/terra/528-seven-layers-scare.html Detailed look at layer seven of Seven Layers of Scare.... Touch and Smell Saved the best for last. The layer that you can really surprise them with. Touch they fear the...