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  1. Static: Some of my larger animated props from unit 70 and Nevermore Productions.

    Halloween Props
    Here is a couple of pics of some of my large animated props. I do have some electronic and static props as well, which I'll upload in a few.
  2. Best supplier for electronic similar to frightprops.com

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Hi All, looking for motion detectors sound boxes ect. (Love to have an all in one motion detector, sound card/speaker and 110 outlet for a motor or light )!)Frightprops is kind of expensive. I heard they just redistribute a lot of this stuff from other vendors. Any suggestions?
  3. Electronic/Software: Butler Greeter prop

    Halloween Props
    A couple days ago I purchased a 6ft animated Butler Greeter prop 50% off from the AtHome store. https://www.athome.com/butler-greeter/124236783.html When I set it up the audio started stuttering and it stopped working completely. I called the store and they gave me the choice of returning it...
  4. Free classic Halloween Haunt music album til October 31

    Halloween Music
    FREE PROFESSIONAL HALLOWEEN SOUNDTRACK MUSIC!!! Please support us and share this post with your friends and let us know if you like it! We are giving away our Amazon Top 20 hit album 'Ghost Stories' (worth $8) until october 31 The album is a mix dark electronic sounds and classic horror...
  5. Need costume ideas for short plus-sized guy...

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Im looking for some ideas and suggestions for a holloween costume. Im open minded, though I have a few preferences that might help narrow it down: - Cheap. I dont want to spend $500 on something Ill likely wear once. Ideally, the total cost would be < $100, though I could go a bit higher if its...
  6. Pneumatic: Need pneumatics/ creativity help!

    Halloween Props
    In my haunt I'm going to have a jack-in-the-box that is going to be operated by a creepy doll. That part I have no problem with. What I need help with is ideas on the scare. I plan on having the scare not coming from the box, but coming from behind where the people will be when they're looking...
  7. Electronic/Software: Radio Shack Electronics Learning Lab

    Halloween Props
    Stopped in one of the RadioShack locations still in business to see what they were carrying. Saw this Electronic Learning Lab Kit on clearance (to what was on hand) for $31.47, reg. 69.99. Found 2 in my store. Hubby and I bought this kit a few years back and it's a fun way to learn about...
  8. Electronic/Software: Singing Pumpkins Animation

    Halloween Props
    Hello Haunters!, Halloween is creeping around the corner! So I was looking for Ideas when I saw the "Singing Pumpkins Effect" I have purchased this effect before, but this year I want to step it up and create one similar to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqIdMGcmQXQ Any Suggestions on a good...
  9. Mechanical: Wanted: Review of Fright Props Electronic Firecrackers

    Halloween Props
    I was considering purchasing some of the electronic firecrackers sold by Fright Props. They do not sound very loud on the website video and wanted to see if any forum members had some feedback that they wanted to share. Thanks.
  10. Dark Electronic Music (witchhouse or dubstep)

    Halloween Music
    Hey all, I am on a search for dark electronic music similar to some of the darker stuff by The Glitch Mob or Danger. As a reference, I am looking for stuff similar to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lmMwjaaTbsE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qKxDzyHPo0o and...
  11. Electronic/Software: Electronic shooting gallery

    Halloween Props
    I'm curious if anyone has ever taken on the task of creating their own electronic shooting gallery? Was watching a show on Animal Planet which shows Daniels Wood Land creating things for their clients. They are located in Paso Robles, California. My family was some of the founding pioneers in...
  12. Electronic/Software: Removing a motion sensor?

    Halloween Props
    Hi all, With the help of advice I've found around here I've managed to remove some motion detectors from items, but it's usually hit or miss: sometimes the simple route of connecting wires works, sometimes it doesn't. Right now I'm trying to remove the motion sensor from a "motion maker"...
  13. SALE on all Electronic Firecrackers at FrightProps!

    Announcements / Press Releases
    Now's your chance to save! Get them before they're gone! http://www.frightprops.com/props/air-electric-props/electronic-firecracker-props.html
  14. Electronic Dance Music - ALL HALLOWEEN THEMED MIX!

    Halloween Music
  15. Electronic/Software: PIR Sensor: Heads Up

    Halloween Props
    Just wanted to give a heads-up to anyone needing a PIR sensor. Electronic Goldmine has them on sale for $4.99 (normally $14.99) until Monday, 9/ 28/ 14 or until they sell out. Here's a link Electronic Goldmine PIR Sensor
  16. Electronic Firecrackers and Noise Makers

    Hello everyone! I have had a lot of questions recently regarding how to automate electronic firecrackers, boom plates or other noise makers. Good news! It's very easy! So, as you probably know, electronic noisemakers give you an awesome scare. They are cheap, loud and scary. What more do you...
  17. Electronic/Software: Motion Sensor Mods

    Halloween Props
    While testing our motion sensors, we discovered that they had too wide a field of vision. in other words, the sensor would detect motion from a very wide angle, which was not desireable for our needs. So, we came up with a simple, cheap solution. You can see the whole thing in our video...
  18. Electronic/Software: Automated Scare Trigger Controller

    Halloween Props
    We've built a number of scares over the years, each one capable of being triggered remotely with a simple push-button control. However, this requires someone to actually sit there and trigger the scares every time someone walks by them... not overly practical, since we get quite a few visitors...
  19. Mechanical: Animatronic Raven for 2011

    Halloween Props
    Here's an animated Raven that I created for this year. I'd always wanted one of my own, so this project became this year's priority. There are a few similar Ravens at various places on the web, and I did draw on their ideas while designing this one- but it took a while, I'll bet a month of...
  20. Electronic/Software: Eerie "echo" effect for scare

    Halloween Props
    I was thinking of the old teddy bears which let kids talk to them and a chip recorded the sound and talked back. That made me think how creepy it would be to people walking through a haunt if they suddenly heard their own words repeated behind them. A quick search led me to this site...