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  1. Electronic/Software: PIRs

    Halloween Props
    So I have been playing around with a some used PIRs and I think I have learned a few things but I just want to confirm. I am working with 12V PIRs and have 12V actuators or 12 V LEDs hooked to them. First I noticed if I tried to directly hook the PIR to the actuator that the PIR triggers over...
  2. Mechanical: Seven props with one wiper motor

    Halloween Props
    This isn't my video but wanted to share it with everyone. Besides keeping costs down, it also won't use as much electricity.
  3. Mechanical: Connecting Electricity to a relay

    Halloween Props
    Hi All: So I have two lights that have power cords to them. I'd like to connect them to a relay that will tell them when to go on and off....unsure how to do this though...anyone have advice/experience???? --Tony
  4. Lighting: Question, Random Blinking and dimming lights?

    Halloween Props
    Maybe too late for this year, but does anyone know of a light set or circuit box that produces that kind of blinking you often see in movies, where the electricity isn't constant? The light is on, but then it dims, buzzes, blinks on and off, then comes back on? Looking for some fun lighting for...
  5. Other: What do we know about how e-firecrackers work?

    Halloween Props
    E-firecrackers are the hot ticket, so has anyone tore one down to get to the science behind them? After searching the forums and coming up empty, is there anyone who knows how they work?