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  1. Halloween Props
    Attempted my first ever prop build this year. A homemade electric chair using a palm sander for vibration underneath the seat, frightprops electric firecracker for sparking/noise also underneath the seat and a strobe light behind the chair to light up between the pallet slats. The chair was...
  2. Halloween Props
    Well, my first "big" project for 2014 is complete. It's my electric chair and I would love to hear your thoughts about it. It is 100% built from scratch.... enjoy
  3. Halloween Props
    I built an electric chair, looks pretty mean. I tried getting it to vibrate by attaching a sander to the back side of the chair. It worked well, the chair vibrated and lit up. I used strobe lights and the palm sander and hooked them up to the control switch. The only drawback was the sander...
  4. Halloween Props
    I was looking around how to build tombstones and found alot of great info. cause its never to early to start. then i just started wandering around looking at all the other great ideas and posts for props and then remembered i posted a question along time ago about windshield motors and got...
  5. Halloween Props
    I will make 2 Electric Chairs, best part the chairs are already mine, part of 6 chairs and a table. one chair i will use inside having one of my kids sitting acting like there getting electricuted then jumping out at the people walking thru.. The second chair will go outside as a Photo Prop. ...
  6. Halloween Props
    If my previous thread needs to be merged with this one then go for it... Finding the correct dimensions for Old Sparky is next to impossible (at least for me) even after calling the Texas museum it sits in. So, I took some pictures from the net and scaled them the best I could on a PDF editor...
  7. Halloween Props
    Hi,here is my electric chair i built in 2011.this year i have added a larger fog machine,the last one i used would take to long to heat up,so the smoking,burning flesh effect wasnt that great.this year it is going to be alot better for the onlookers. so enjoy.
  8. Halloween Props
    I just completed a simple soundtrack routine that is available to anybody who is looking for their Electric Chair prop, I know there were many threads on this topic and I give appreciation to all those members who helped out others but I just wanted to throw mine out there as well. CLICK HERE...
  9. Halloween Props
    this video has been erased
  10. Halloween Props
    this video has been erased
  11. For Sale By Merchants
    Up for sale is this CUSTOM ANIMATED ELECTRIC CHAIR PROP Ebay auction is at; http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=220867822946 I built this for a customer who due to unforeseen events can no longer take delivery of it and has asked me to list it for about half of what he had paid...
  12. Halloween Props
    Hey guys, so this is the electric chair that my dad made from scratch. completely home-made! : A fog machines hides under the seat and the fog comes out through the vent (s) : A strobe light is screwed into the lamp at the top and one is under the seat. The whole thing is button activated...
  13. Halloween Props
    I followed this awesome tutorial to build my electric chair - but added one more 1X8 at the bottom front so I could add manacles. Here's the chair with the staining all done: If you like this dark look here's how to do it: I added Canyon Brown stain - and immediately lit it on fire. This...
  14. Halloween Props
    So I have been working on an electric chair prop with my dad for about a week and a half now. What we planned to do is to use a jigsaw and drill a hole the the blade and tie a rope from that hole to the spine of a blucky that we already have. We haven't tested it yet as we just got the saw, but...
  15. Halloween Props
    in 09 a user named Markk made a guillotine and put a candy bowl on the other side where the body normally is. Markk rigged it so when you get your candy, the blade go half way down, and then back up. Can anyone help me learn how to do this? I wanna make it for next year. I'm already making an...
  16. Halloween Props
    Okay, so i'm in charged of my highschool's haunted walk and the theme is the Asylum. My scene will be the 'basement were they secretly do these weird treatment experiements.' We will have the electro-shock therapy in an electric chair style (My dad and I are building it.) However i'm stumped on...
  17. Halloween Music
    I need the following downloadable (free) sounds: Electrical shock noises and a buzzer. (Making sound effects for an electric chair) If anyone knows where i can download these sound effects that would be such a great help! Those are the only things left of the soundtrack i'm putting together.
  18. Halloween Props
    I built this for Halloween 2009 and i caught some video of it working at our party. the guy in the box is me. im in a strait jacket and chains. It was a hit!! It's all computer controlled and really a step up from last year! YouTube - Halloween 2009
1-18 of 28 Results