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  1. Lighting: Question for the Community - Black Lights

    Halloween Props
    Hey all, I want to try something different this year for my porch and I am not sure what I need. I know this is the place to come though because you guys are awesome. I have a porch and I want to cobweb throughout and I want to really highlight the spooky affect with black lights. In my...
  2. If you buy on Ebay and live in these 8 states, plan on paying sales tax soon...

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Happy New Year everyone. I live in Washington state. Today I made my first Ebay purchase for the year and was charged sales tax, both for a purchase from a Maine Ebay seller and for another purchase from an Oklahoma Ebay seller. I knew immediately because the charge showed up in Ebay's Check...
  3. NEW 2018 PRODUCT RELEASE from Haunt Hobbyist: PEECAN

    For Sale By Merchants
    NEW PRODUCT RELEASE FOR 2018: THE PEECAN The Peecan is a handheld noisemaker for actors. Sounds that are common or recognizable are not scary, like yelling for example. That is why we designed the Peecan to make a unique sound that will startle your guests because they will not know what it...
  4. Blackout Haunts

    General Halloween
    Hey all! Have you ever built/run/visited a blackout haunt? Not "Blackout" - the one where they simulate a kidnapping, but a haunt that is pitch black or nearly so? What was the most effective thing about it? What were the best scares? Pros and cons of such a haunt?
  5. Solar Lighting

    General Halloween
    Has anyone ever used these in a haunt and if so how effective are they? https://www.amazon.com/180%C2%B0Angle-Adjustable-Rechargeable-Waterproof-Spotlight/dp/B011BINVHS/ref=sr_1_cc_2?s=aps&ie=UTF8&qid=1474126733&sr=1-2-catcorr&keywords=green%2Bsolar%2Bspotlight&th=1
  6. Old School Halloween Projectors

    Halloween Props
    With the technology out now, these might seem very dated, but we have the Spooky Shadows projector which spins around, flashing shadows on the walls, and I've always liked this. We've probably had it over 15 years now. Does anyone have this one, or any other varieties? I don't know how many were...
  7. Halloween: Edgar Allan Poe's Top 10 Creepiest Tales (Scary Stories)

    Halloween Music
    Halloween: Edgar Allan Poe's Top 10 Creepiest Tales (Scary Stories) DOWNLOAD LINK HERE (INCLUDING IMAGES): https://www.mediafire.com/folder/ov40vdd4yry5w/tencreeptalesedapo Here are 10 of his best works, collected in MP3 format in what is essentially an audiobook. All the stories I've...
  8. A few 2015 Halloween photos

    General Halloween
    Some pictures of the decorations and from our party which was Peanuts-themed. A friend in a warped Teddy (or is it deady) bear costume, with his little tagalong buddy. Us in our costumes on top of costumes Artist and easel - pretty clever and easy to do! Quint and HOOPER! Zombie soccer mom -...
  9. Masks or Makeup?

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Which one do you tend to lean towards every year? I can see pros and cons for both. I'm always amazed how realistic masks look nowadays. I also enjoy the creativity that goes into them. On the other hand, makeup can be just as effective in pulling off a certain look. Does it depend on what...
  10. Ancient Leechbook "medical book" recipe kills MRSA, no kidding apparently

    Off-Topic Stuff
    So someone decided to whip up a concoction from an ancient Leechbook "medical book" and tested it on today's bacterial material and discovered it was highly effective against MRSA. This discovery if further tested and found true could have a huge impact on health care today. Also will...
  11. So, what's in your cemetery?

    General Halloween
    Besides tombstones and corpses, of course. For those of you who do a cemetery as part of your haunt or display, what other props do you use? I have hanging ghosts, groundbreakers, and my witch area is off to one side. In the past, I've had my standing grim reaper and, though creepy and...
  12. Other: cemetery columns for statues

    Halloween Props
    I'm trying to figure out to display my medusa head in my cemetery. I want to place it on a column but don't k ow how to make one. What is a cost effective way to make one?