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  1. Lighting: Cool but costly light effect

    Halloween Props
    Check out this cool lighting effect..price is prohibitive though for the casual haunter--$300 http://solutions.blair.com/p/blue-firefly-landscape-laser-light/53987.uts http://solutions.blair.com/e/firefly-landscape-laser-lights/9188.uts in blue and green
  2. Visual effects DVD

    General Halloween
    Hello all! HELP! Does anyone out there know of any alien visual effect DVDs out there to help with my Area 51 theme? Thanks!
  3. Static: Creepy Image in Mirror

    Halloween Props
    It took awhile to remove the area on the back of the mirror to get this effect but it was well worth it and looks very creepy in real life.
  4. Frost Effect for Cold Storage Set

    Hello! I've been searching the Forum for any previous threads about this, so I apologize in advance if I missed any. But I'm trying to figure out how to achieve the frost effect you often see in cold body storage sets? You know, when metal objects, body parts, air vents, etc, get frosted over...
  5. Audio Controller Suggestions?

    General Halloween
    I'm looking for an audio controller that when triggered, plays a 15 second quality sound effect and then stop and return back to the beginning of the sound effect for the next trigger. I would like something that has a PIR sensor trigger included if possible. I know of the Picoboo controllers...
  6. Lighting: Best type of photoflood bulb for lightning effect?(ECT, EBV, ECA, BCA, BBA)

    Halloween Props
    Could someone explain the differences between different designations of photoflood light bulbs and which would be best for a yard haunt lightning effect? I'm seeing what seems to be a standard of some kind with names like: ECT, EBV, ECA, BCA, BBA Also seeing 250 vs. 500 watt, and white or...
  7. Hipster Frankenstein

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    I suggested this idea for a costume last December to a friend as a joke, but as the season approaches I think it would be fun to pull off. It would give me an excuse to go around talking about obscure culture that is all bad Halloween puns all night long. This is something that falls within my...
  8. Rain Effect - no water required

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    We felt our "Storm in a Box" needed a little more atmosphere, so we came up with this little rain effect device. It's not perfect, but adds the right amount of that extra "something" to make our howling storm more believable. Check it out!
  9. Lighting: Rain Effect - no water required!

    Halloween Props
    Hey gang! We finally came up with a decent looking rain effect for Pirate's Cove! Take a look!
  10. Looking for Zombie Ground Breaker Sound Effects

    Halloween Music
    I have a picaboo controller ready to go for the zombie ground breaker I'm building. I'm needing a good background or "ambient" track AND a great trigger sound ala Growling/Grunting/Snarling and maybe some obligatory "brains" comments thrown in?
  11. Bird Sounds?

    Halloween Music
    Does anybody have or know where I can get a track of bird sounds, like crows and ravens, etc. Any help would be appreciated.