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  1. Animated Giant Airblown Winged Fire and Ice Dragon/ halloween

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I am selling a 9' tall animated dragon with flapping wings, fire storm lighting effect Animated Giant Airblown Winged Fire and Ice Dragon In perfect condition used only one time. 9' tall animated dragon with flapping wings, fire storm lighting effect $85.00 plus shipping
  2. Wall Presser Projection Effect from Mr. Chicken!

    For Sale By Merchants
    What was that?! Did you see something? Six different spooks try to materialize from beyond into your haunt with the "Wall Presser" projection effect. Load these video loops into your projector, and aim at any wall for instant heebie jeebies! I've been wanting to do this one for quite...
  3. Electronic/Software: Hologram Illusion with Atmosfx

    Halloween Props
    Does anyone have any experience utilizing the hologram effect? I plan on adding this to my haunt and was curious if anyone had photos/videos on how they did it. Seems like a rather cheap way to add another feel to my props. Any tips would be awesome too. Thanks.
  4. Atmosphere Effects: Drawing a blank.. Help..

    Halloween Props
    I just completed building a 20 foot hallway that is 3 feet wide, my effect will be a high velocity fan built into the wall at the end..ALOT of wind!! and Green pin nano lights ( small LED lights) I will be adding 96inch foam boards to the walls.. This is where I need your help.. I want to carve...
  5. Dog Food side effects

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Is anyone having problems with dog food lately? I've been feeding Hank imported Chernobyl's Choice Cuts and I discovered a disturbing side effect.....I got such a great deal on it; I hate to stop using it.
  6. Pneumatic: Animated Toe Pincher

    Halloween Props
    Just threw this together, took about 8 hours. Coffin also has red rope lights inside for a little added effect after dark. Lid rattle pattern is random so it's a little different each time.
  7. Static: Creature thru wall?

    Halloween Props
    Hey everyone, Perhaps I've been inspired by Stranger Things but I'd like to see about doing a decor prop that gives the illusion of a creature coming through the wall. Ideally I'd like to see if it would be possible to do some extended arms and maybe a head/face that's also stretching thru the...
  8. Other: Web spinner

    Halloween Props
    Has anyone made a web spinner? Not the webcaster gun, the one that uses your drill and contact cement. If you made one does it work well and do you like the effect you get from it? Thanks
  9. Lighting: Star Wars - Melting Lightsaber Effect

    Halloween Props
    Instead of new wall sconces like I build each year, for the Star Wars theme I've opted to combine a few different prop ideas into this. The effect is to have lightsabers pushed in to the Endor Base similar to how the effect was shown in Episode 1: Using the hot coal technique and a lightsaber...
  10. Atmosphere Effects: How can I make fake dust?

    Halloween Props
    This year for Halloween, I would like to keep the windows to my dining room uncovered (tarp) and expose the inside for trick or treaters to see when they come up to the porch. I would like to make it look old, abandoned and creepy. I know how to make webs (I have the gun) and make it actually...
  11. Electronic/Software: Singing Pumpkins vs Mighty Microscope pumpkins

    Halloween Props
    Does anyone out there have both the singing pumpkins and mighty microscope singing pumpkins? Do they line up the same when projected or if I tried to use both would I have to move the pumpkins each time? I love the candle effect in the mighty microscope pumpkins but I already have several of...
  12. Atmosphere Effects: To anyone who has been on Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland?

    Halloween Props
    On the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. There is an effect right after the Ship battle scene It is the Shadow fighting scene. (Sorry I don't have a pic) Anybody know how they created that effect? Or an idea what to use. Thanks for help. I say Disneyland because I don't know if the same effect is...
  13. Mechanical: 5ft Electrified Corpse from Spirit

    Halloween Props
    This definitely does not disappoint! Add in the extra electric wires, and perhaps the power box I saw at Home Depot....its also LOUD...but I'll still add speakers for the startle effect..really great prop that with a little lighting, fake blood etc..its going to be great..HIGHLY recommend!
  14. Fog: Two Acres of FOG?

    Halloween Props
    How would I go about covering my entire 2.5 acre lot with fog? Will fog travel through PVC tubes without losing the fog effect, or does it become water inside of a tube at some point?
  15. Static: Plasticorpsing!

    Halloween Props
    Plasticorpsing: an effect so realistic it even scares other skellies!
  16. bottomless pit effect?

    Hi, could someone post a tutorial on the bottomless pit effect using the plexiglass and mirror?
  17. Electronic/Software: Pirate's Cove Singing Pumpkins!

    Halloween Props
    We finally got our sh... uhh... act together, and decided on this new effect we will be debuting at Pirate's Cove 2016.. singing pumpkins. While not a new effect, it's new to US! Here's a sneak peek!
  18. Favorite Halloween projection effect

    Halloween Props
    What's your favorite effect mines singing pumpkins.And everyone feel free to post pics , videos and discus anything Halloween video projections.
  19. Lighting: Simple/inexpensive automatic light fade?

    Halloween Props
    Hey guys. I've been searching through the forum for a while now looking for a solution to what seems like a really simple problem, but so far I've not found anything satisfactory. I'm looking at doing a fairly large scale pepper's ghost effect this year in my garage (using shrink window film on...
  20. Lighting: Water reflection lighting effect

    Halloween Props
    Does anyone have a source for or know of a tutorial for the shimmering effect that water throws on walls and ceiling? Much as I'd like I can't use real water. I've seen some of the DJ stuff but nothing seems to be able to cover most of a large area say 10 by 12. They seem more like a round spot...