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  1. Pumpkin on your stereo NEW for Halloween 2017

    For Sale By Merchants
    Hi Everyone! We are proud to announce we have completed our latest Halloween CD! PUMPKIN ON YOUR STEREO the follow up to our 2016 Amazon top 10 Halloween Hit 'Something Wicked' Check out a preview of the new songs here...
  2. party dj mixed theme : 80 minutes of deranged and twisted tracks

    For Sale By Merchants
    Enjoy this well crafted, Themed dj mix for your next event / party . . . . based on 31 days of halloween movie idea. Contains 80 minutes of deranged and twisted tracks taking you thru a maze of nightmares, seances, haunted houses and zombies. featuring: Friday 13th, Halloween, Nightmare before...
  3. Extremely modern Halloween EDM DJ set

    Halloween Music
  4. Dubstep Halloween music? Yes please. [Free download]

    Halloween Music
    Free Download: http://soundcloud.com/jim-speight/halloween-dubstep-for-your-soul
  5. Halloween Electro House EDM

    Halloween Music
    Enjoy 30 minutes of non-stop Halloween themed electro house dance music for your party this year!
  6. Need 2012 EDM Halloween music?? I got you covered! Free download!

    Halloween Music
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c75UVr7GiNI Happy Halloween!