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  1. Lost files and how-to's

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    I decided that instead of uploading these files in a one by one thread, I'd upload these to my Keep and Share account, below is a list of the available files, each one is a direct link to that file. Some are no longer online, you will see some that are obviously still online (there is one here...
  2. Prop Showcase: Hocus Pocus sketchbook

    Halloween Props
    Hi everybody! A while ago, my wife asked me if I could make a replica of the spellbook from the movie "Hocus Pocus". It shouldn't be just a prop, it also should be an actual sketchbook. I made a video of the entire build process, and managed to edit it into a 20-minute video: I used a kraft...
  3. Edit feature not working

    Site Issues and Feedback
    Can't edit a post, edit just sits there and spins. Anyone else having that issue?
  4. Can't edit a post

    Site Issues and Feedback
    Wanted to edit a post in the for sale forum and mark things sold but once you hit edit and then go in and make changes it doesn't allow you to save the changes. What up?
  5. The Poet by Aleister Crowley Edited

    Halloween Music
    Anyone ever watched the movie House of 1000 Corpes, and wondered what the recording was they played in the graveyard scene? Well I finally found it. It is from The Poet by Aleister Crowley from his recording The Great Beast Speaks. I was able to edit the recording to match the movie...
  6. 2015 Halloween INFESTATION

    General Halloween
    Okay my 2015 display is mostly set! Haven't had time to edit many pictures, but here's a preview:
  7. Avatar Signatures

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Stupid question but I see no way to edit the signature or title next to the Avatar. I know how to edit my signature but see no way to do this. I see many members have funny and cool titles like "Reaper Queen" and "My other ride is a ninja" "Margarita Goddess" and so on. So can anyone tell me...
  8. Help inquiries?

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Where do we post help inquiries? My issue is: I have an old post that is not editable and the link to download is no longer valid and I will post a new link if I can edit it. Is there a time limit set to disable editing? Thanks.
  9. HELP Cant Edit my posts

    Member Introduction
    Ok I have a couple of posts about my props here and I need to edit them and add more pics, but I can't find any edit buttons. Can someone help and explain what I need to do? Thank you! Cybrknite