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  1. Other Nightmare before Christmas my version of disneyland list

    Halloween Crafts
    ok so here is my intensive pic from Disney land i was like i want one of these but it has to be water proof so I took grey weed barrier cut it into length and shape i wanted. then i used black spray paint to dark up the edges note do not set anything in middle to hold it down use edges...
  2. Adhesive for a foam latex prosthetic

    Hi - I've ready a lot of the posts here and feel like I'm in kindergarten compared to some of you guys. But, I've got a question, so here goes. I perform as an Auguste clown. Not my day job, but on weekends at children's hospitals, parades and so forth. Because so many in my audience say...
  3. Static: realistic knife

    Halloween Props
    Hi Does anyone know where I can buy a realistic looking knife I don't want to use a real one and dull the sharp edges someone will probably still get hurt someway.. Thinking of something made of hard foam, or something more realistic.
  4. Mechanical: Filling out a PVC Body

    Halloween Props
    I've seen several people recently asking about how to "flesh" out their bodies. I decided to build another swaying zombie for our yard since I had a head and hands laying in the shop and I thought I'd show off some quick and easy ways I like to use for filling them out. It's pretty easy and...