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  1. Coffin Coronary - by Death Lord

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    ​Partsman's Note: Here's another how-to from Death Lord enjoy There are lots of places to find how to make a toe pincher casket on the internet, but I couldn't find a single place on building authentic coffins. Above you can see that we have used the dimensions of an actual casket to place our...
  2. Tips for making a party scary

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    I've been throwing a Halloween party the last few years, and I want to up my game. I have a decent amount of decor, but I want to find a way to make the atmosphere a bit spookier, put people on edge a bit. I tend to stick with fairly traditional Halloween elements - lots of skeletons, bats...
  3. My 2017 Halloween Display

    General Halloween
    Hi, I never got around to posting my last years display. It went down well, got some nice comments on the night and even made a couple of kids run back to their parents crying. I know that sounds cruel, but secretly I was a little proud. Most the ToT's are small children dressed up, but I did...
  4. 2018 Setup Today!!!!

    General Halloween
    well its that time again!! I decided to get started on stetting up the yard haunt today after lots of contemplation as i do every year. i aways think its too early or or ill get tired of it but the stress of not getting it done on time always pushed me over the edge. Well, is anyone else...
  5. New Stuff for 2018?

    General Halloween
    No matter how much gear you accumulate, it's always cool to add something new. Our display features NOTHING purchased from a retailer, it's ALL custom built by us. This off season, I'm gonna tackle a life sized Beetlejuice Snake with the face of Michael Keaton. Pool noodles and a paper mâché...
  6. Static: Need help / Design ideas for an infinity well ?

    Halloween Props
    We are doing "It" as our core theme this year. We came up with the idea of re-creating the well from It but using an infinity illusion. All of the previous infinity props I've run across are square or rectangular. Couple of questions: 1) Our well will be circular, will that prevent the...
  7. Wish I had a Pic

    General Halloween
    There is a large disused fountain in the front of my house. Rain water sometimes pools there and it's not unusual for a passing bird to fancy a bath or a quick drink. However, this morning, I woke to find a happy murder of crows treating themselves to a spa day in my front yard. While some...
  8. I First Advertised My Haunt

    General Halloween
    With a poem i had written. I would "Inflict" it upon my patrons after they were seated in my front room. This is only part of it: If excitement of Anticipation Is the stimulation you Seek And Heart and Nerves are Good and the Knees don't go Weak curiosity and Thoughts Are not Strangers in...
  9. Static: Help Question about a Lenticular on a Headstone

    Halloween Props
    Has anyone ever used a lenticular on a headstone? How well does it hold up to the weather? Is a water proof sealant around the outside edge enough to keep it dry and free from warping? Please let me know what you think.