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  1. Static: My new 2016 Haunt Walls (Reusable and easy to store)

    Halloween Props
    I built a new house this year and wanted to create walls for my haunt that were easy to take down and required minimal storage. (Wife wanted to be able to park in the garage before the snow hit. The panels are made from 2x3s held together with brackets. Painters canvas is attached to the top and...
  2. Halloween projecting questions

    Halloween Props
    windowfx halloween projecting had anyone used this and know whether its as good as the atmosfearfx projecting? I cant seem to get my projector to work for atmosfearfx so I thought about this instead cause it looks easy. anyone have any input on quality of image and what not of this? thanks for...
  3. Static: Super Easy prop

    Halloween Props
    This prop was super easy. I thought about doing more with it but why look a gift prop in the mouth. https://www.facebook.com/EdgewaterMortuary/videos/930714753705510/
  4. Looking for ideas for a count-down clock...show me yours

    Halloween Props
    I'm leaning towards some kind of simple clock but will look at anything as long as it's fairly easy and most of all cool. :D
  5. Lighting: Intermittent random porch light flicker

    Halloween Props
    Hey all, Trying to figure out how to make our porch lights flicker randomly/intermittently. Anyone know of a bulb or easy device for this effect? Thanks.
  6. Spider Hill prop kits

    Product Reviews
    Just got my first 2 and have to say two big thumbs up. Well made ,easy to assemble and inexpensive for what you get. Will be buying more for sure.
  7. Mechanical: Haunted Dolls Animated Prop

    Halloween Props
    Here is a video for some Haunted Dolls I made this weekend. Super easy to make super easy on the wallet as well. I had a lot of fun making these and will most likely add sound to them as well
  8. Mandrake Tutorial

    Anyone made an easy mandrake? I really would love to have one so looking for easy to follow tutorial. Thanks
  9. Using Penultimate note taking app for diagramming haunt layouts -- freehand sketching

    General Halloween
    For those of you who aren't comfortable using your computer draw programs to plan out your haunt layout, if you have a tablet here's something you might consider. I thought I would share a few very rough initial layouts that I did the other night from something I sketched out on my iPad with...
  10. Prop Showcase: Gothic Fireplace

    Halloween Props
    The final rendition of our Gothic fireplace for this year's Bloodsuckers' Ball. Thanks to everyone whose ideas sparked my own and whose tutorials made it easy!
  11. Easy Hospital/Asylum themed costume.

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Literally one of the easiest and effective costumes....hospital gown that you can get on Amazon for like 8 bucks, fake blood, socks, and a 3M mask with messy hair and the right makeup skills. I cut some hole in the gown and put on lots of blood and even some green hairspray, cuz that was just...
  12. Static: Help with DIY projector screen

    Halloween Props
    I love this forum! I've been a member for several years but this is my first post. I just bought a new Epson MovieMate 85HD a few days ago. I want to use it for outdoor movie nights and holiday parties with my grandkids. This Saturday I'm having my annual G-kid Halloween party and want to watch...
  13. Static: Doing the zombie theme this year because I wanted something "easy"

    Halloween Props
    Well as the title states I'm doing the zombie theme this year because I wanted something "easy". I am starting with two half crawling zombies and having my party guests be the full sized in the yard, you know give them the opportunity to scare. I knew it wouldn't be super easy but its not as...
  14. Costumes using the junk in your house

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Who says you have to spend a bunch of money (or time lol) on making your costume? Here are some quick and easy costume ideas that use only the things you've already got lying around your home.
  15. Pneumatic: My haunted animated mannequin finallty came and its awesome

    Halloween Props
    easy to set up and worth the money:D
  16. Need help finding or building..

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    I have a bigfoot costume and I need a body/muscle suit underneath to bulk me up. Ive looked around the internet and found a few cheapo things or super expensive. Does anyone have any suggsstions on where I can get a body foam suit online? Or an easy way to build one?
  17. Static: Walking Dead nod garage prop...

    Halloween Props
    Almost finished my last prop of the year. Need a couple more arms from GhostRide...and a little distressing and I'll be done. I haven't seen this as a garage cover yet (but a tutorial would be easy. Each weighs about 30lbs - so will be easy to move. May not be able to park cars inside for a...
  18. Cure for shedding glitter

    Halloween Props
    I've noticed that there are a lot of people who are frustrated with the glitter props leaving glitter everywhere. I've heard glitter described as the "herpes of the crafting world" :o For those of you who don't mind the look but hate the mess I thought I'd share my method of glitter...
  19. Need Help With a Costco Skeleton - head came off

    Halloween Props
    The head of one of my new skeletons came off, does anyone know an easy way to put it back together?
  20. Packing Tape Ghosts

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    I am not sure if this is already a thread, I am only on page 26 of the 50+ back forum pages. If you have had experience doing this please share in the comments, plus any ideas, considerations or feelings to why it would or wouldn't be a good idea. I was looking for a lightweight and easy way...