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  1. Halloween Props
    For our haunt we needed some "spider victims" that would drop down from the spider web tunnel on our haunt goers. They had to be soft, because they were going to be impacting guests and bouncing off heads. They also had to be waterproof/rain resistant because Halloween in Florida is during peak...
  2. Halloween Props
    Ok, so I'm working on my new graveyard fence and as much as I love the traditional rod iron look I need something easy to store. The fence I'm building is almost the same as my last house. This fence is easy to build, fairly inexpensive and folds up for easy storage. I will paint it and weather...
  3. Halloween Props
    My family have been doing a haunted house for as long as I can remember. Our collection has grown over the years but we've never had enough to build a professional maze-type haunted house. We like DIY's cause they are way cheaper then actual Halloween props. I need cheap, easy, actually scary...
1-3 of 3 Results