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  1. Entertainment earth 2018

    General Halloween
    https://www.entertainmentearth.com/s/?query1=halloween some cool stuff for preorder
  2. "We have detected... aliens arriving on Earth!"

    Literature and Role-Playing
    Wait, they are not aliens, they have our DNA. they say they are here to rescue as many of us as their saucers can accommodate. The world cheers! And proceeds to get in line, many people die in the process. A huge asteroid will smack the Earth with enough force to wobble it into the sun! "We...
  3. Big News!

    Forum News and Rules
    Hi everybody! This is Larry. I launched HalloweenForum.com in 2002. Some of you may be aware; my health has limited the time that I can spend on working on the forum. I am very excited to announce that the forum has been acquired by an awesome company called VerticalScope. They are...
  4. Mechanical: Keep going or veer off on a (better) tangent? Prop dilemma

    Halloween Props
    So I'm about $100 into a prop build for my carnival theme. And it's going to take quite a bit more time and money and tinkering to make it work, and I'm not an expert in mechanical props, so I was looking at a very frustrating bunch of days ahead. The problem is that I just thought of...
  5. I Just Don't Seem to Be Getting Into It

    General Halloween
    What is wrong with me? This is the longest I've held out in probably the past 25 years without decorating outside. And I am thinking of going through my garage and the pain and hassle of dragging everything out and I just can't seem to get into it. I'm not "feeling" it, what on earth is wrong...