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  1. General Halloween
    What do you have in your collection that you've never seen anywhere else? I mean something purchased, because there are so many great handmade items out there which no one else has. I would say I have 2 items: The Halloween Yankee candle with the black band, never burnt. And this cool...
  2. General Halloween
    Yankee Candle's Halloween classic with the black band listed for sale on E-bay (currently asking $1,248. No, that is not mine for sale). Extremely rare. I'm glad to say that I also own one of these and it's never been burned. The link is for the E-bay one, mine is pictured below. Anyone have one...
  3. Wanted to Buy
    My family and I used to have this relatively old Halloween Witch Doll as a decoration and then we got rid of it quite a long time ago. My first recollections of it was in the late 80's. The face was made of plastic and it was a little under a foot tall. I've been looking on e-bay for it and...
1-3 of 4 Results