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  1. How to Dye Blue Fabric to Black

    I have a cheap zombie costume I bought from Spirit. I love the color of the pants, but the top is a terrible blue color. I'd like to dye this blue to match the charcoal black of the pants. How can I do this and what materials do I need? It's a very thin, flimsy material so I'd have to be...
  2. Static: Can you dye hair?

    Halloween Props
    This is my version of the Halloween Jack in the Box (if I attached the picture correctly). It's hard to tell in the picture, but the hair is all white at the ends where it bleached in the sun last year. Is there a way to dye mask hair? Or should I just cut it off every year until he needs a...
  3. Fog: Green fog

    Halloween Props
    Random thought/question: I wonder if there is any way to 'tint' the fog coming out of my machine (i.e. with dye or food coloring?) so it is actually green, instead of using green lights to achieve a similar effect...
  4. Fabric Dyeing Large Sheets of Cloth Questions

    Halloween Crafts
    Hey all, For my haunt this year I'm working on some skeletal scarecrow props. I want to cloak them with actual cloth, not monster mud, so that the cloth moves in the wind. I have some extra white sheets that are torn, and would look perfect on the props. Howevever, I don't want them to be...
  5. Dyeing Fabric Questions..help please!

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Hey Haunters! I'm hoping someone who makes costumes or sews or is used to working with fabric can help me... I have a bunch of king sized sheets I have been collecting and I want to make them into haunt panels (stretching the sheets over a wood frame to use as walls). I want the fabric to be...
  6. UV Reactive Fabric Dye query

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    My daughter has picked out a Vampire dress that she loves. But it's white silk with an overlay of woollen lace. Very Old School, but it doesn't glow under Black Light. Isn't there some sort of dye available that we can use to cause it to reflect?
  7. Fabric dyes for synethics, non cottons.........help!

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    okkee dokkee, working on finishing the corpse bride skirt, got the the dyed edges of the skirt/train ............ive gone through rit, forget that, and the other dye i had on hand, i cant remember what its called, provolon or something, also didnt stick.............. went to michaels and...
  8. Other My new Halloween dye job!

    Halloween Crafts
    I know this isn't specifically a craft but it *is* artistic and I've been dying to share my new hair. I thought about putting it in the costume forum but it's not temporary per se (it'll last through the rest of October) and it's my everyday hair, not something I'm doing for a party or...
  9. Static: RIT fabric dye help, please! Cheesecloth spiderwebs

    Halloween Props
    Hello haunters: I am planning on using a quantity of cheesecloth on the exterior of my house to simulate spider webs this year, and wanted to dye the cloth to glow in my black lights. I see that there are two varieties of white RIT dye available - one is "white wash", the other is "whitener &...
  10. Floating skull fountain

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    This was picked up at Spirit looooong ago. Probably about 10 years now. It was used once, note the "blood" stains in the pic, and then banished to the attic. I'll have to hook it up outside to verify the pump still works, but it should. I'd recommend using it outside, as I used it inside and boy...
  11. Other 2 Part Project Dye & Paint - Werewolf Claws

    Halloween Crafts
    Hi All: Looking for some advice on re-purposing these werewolf claws. I'm building a dragon costume. I need to get some red dye for the sleeves and some paint to go a more reddish color on the hair.. The claws I think will work quite nice. I've never done a dye & paint job before...I wanted to...