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  1. General Halloween
    I moved earlier this year into my mother's home. She's allowing me to live rent free with her while I attend nursing school nearby. The good news is that she's totally cool with me decorating for Halloween! The bad news is that her township has TOT during the day the Saturday before Halloween...
  2. General Halloween
    Hi there, here is my daytime video of my Garden this year, later I will try to make a night (dusk) video. The garden is open since October 5 and stay's open until November 5. until now we had 305 visitors. :D:D
  3. General Halloween
    Decorated my parents house.. Dusk Walkthrough.. Rohr Manor
  4. General Halloween
    I found this at Lowe's today for $24.99 in the Christmas section. If any of you have read my threads on how I currently have 2 six plug timers from Improvementscatalog.com, and how awesome they are, well hold on your hats! This is so much better. The one at improvements requires a lot of...
  5. General Halloween
    It was a rainy and cold night yet the hardy came out in numbers! Here are just a few of my 2014 yard haunt. The programmed show was about 27 minutes long. And now the Night videos..... Now that I have actually used a Skulltronix skull I can say they are worth the money!
1-5 of 5 Results