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  1. Other: Dungeon/fantasy stuff

    Halloween Props
    I did another thread on this but thought I'd ask for specifics here. Joined D&D group...want to be host to said group...and turn a spare room into a kick *** dungeon. I was thinking maybe I could make a cardboard back drop and paint it to look like a dungeon? Has anyone done this? Any tips...
  2. Other: Dungeon walls

    Halloween Props
    My theme this year is torture. Can anyone tell me where I can get wall/backgrounds that look like a dungeon for 10 foot high walls? All I can find is around 5 or 6 feet. I'm on a limited budget so don't want to have to buy extra to cover the extra 4 or 5 feet. I'm hoping to cover all the...
  3. Prop Showcase: Garage Door Dungeon - My first outdoor build

    Halloween Props
    Here are some progress photos for my first build! I have always been huge into Halloween but until recently I mostly made costumes. Last year I created a haunted mansion in my basement and I have been hooked on prop building since (I don’t have great photos of the basement but might try to post...
  4. Dungeon walls templates fast wall painting.

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    This may not be considered a complete tutorial, but it gives an idea of a more exact and fast method of painting dungeon brick. These walls are a thick polyfelt but I am sure the concept would work with most any haunt wall frames. Since I am using a material that may sag while painting, I added...
  5. Other: Dungeon Door

    Halloween Props
    As I've been setting up and taking pictures this year there has been one thing that keeps jumping out at me as a huge eyesore and atmosphere kill to our display. That one thorn was our bright white and very modern looking front storm door. I had already given it some thought and decided that I...
  6. Lights on Walk Thru (North Wales, PA)

    Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    Hello Everyone. This is an open invitation for anyone that lives in or around Philadelphia, PA. I am having a lights on walk thru of my garage haunt in early October 2016. If you are interested in attending and meeting other like minded people, PM me. My website is www.halloweensnob.com
  7. 2016 Dungeon Garage Haunt Build

    General Halloween
    Hello friends. In 2014 I built an elaborate maze of dungeon walls in my two car garage. Due to other projects I was not able to set it up last year. This year however I am ready! It is mid August and 100+ degrees this week in PA but I have already redesigned the layout and put up all the...
  8. Static: How to make a Pirate Pillory - for selfies of course!

    Halloween Props
    To go along with my Pirate theme this year, I opted to make Pirate Pillory! You know - the torturous device that your head and hands would got locked into for doing bad things to your neighbors? This year, I made an adult-sized version connected to a child's-sized version. All for good fun and...
  9. Static: Rusty Portcullis

    Halloween Props
    Another creation from my crypt- a rusty old portcullis which would be right at home in an old Vincent Price, Poe flick. Just some halved 2x4s and some old 1/4 inch plywood I had lying around, cut into strips. Plastic fence finials and the 'rivets' are a dowel rounded at the end on a grinder, cut...
  10. Static: Planning a high fantasy inspired dungeon..help?

    Halloween Props
    Ok so my first post, (seen some great stuff on here so far). I'm planning a quite ambitious high fantasy inspired dungeon (rather than a dedicated 'haunt though could be ramped up in intensity for different ages) as a live action adventure game for children primarily 7/12 years. Think classic...
  11. Halloween Snob's Haunted Dungeon 2014

    General Halloween
    Hello my friends, So last night was EPIC. New this year I added a haunted dungeon to my two car garage. 256 square feet of spooky indoor atmosphere. 7' high castle walls with 3' wide hallways. Multiple types of lighting, fog, and projection. Check out my website where you can see build...
  12. Lights On Haunt Walk Thru in North Wales, PA

    Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    Hello Peeps. This year I would like to extend an offer to my local haunters to come see my home haunt prior to Halloween. I live in Montgomery County in North Wales, PA. My haunt consists of: An elaborate thunder/lightning display (Using multiple Lights Alive Controllers powering over a...
  13. Dungeon/Gothic/Midieval Sounds

    Halloween Music
    Hello peeps. My garage haunt theme this year is the London Dungeon. I am looking for a collection of sound clips that replicate what might be found in a dungeon. I have just begun my search online but any favorite to consider would be appreciate. I have my ambient music picked, I just need a...
  14. Static: Closet Jail Cell

    Halloween Props
    This was a simple build from last year. This was our front entry area coat closet. I just lined the walls with block wall scene setter and and as for the cell door, it's just scrap wood from the neighbor, black PVC "bars" with 2x2 cross braces and a small "lock" that I made from a block of wood...
  15. Prop Showcase: Castle Facade New Photos

    Halloween Props
    Here are the new photos of my nearly complete castle facade. I finally got around to adding some 3D window frames made out of styrofoam and I added a faux gateway into the castle using styrofoam again. All I need to do now is make some flags for the towers and eventually I have 12 foot...
  16. Lighting: Dungeon Idea and help.

    Halloween Props
    Last year around Halloween I had planned on using the scene setter rolls that "transform" your walls into a spooky environment like a graveyard or a castle. I bought a bunch of stuff for a party I plan on having at the end of the season last year. I have been brainstorming ideas to start my...