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  1. Atmosphere Effects: Boiling candy cauldron trick

    Halloween Props
    I'm thinking of doing this for the plastic cauldron I use to keep my candy in. Currently I have it on top of a fire pit made with the great stuff foam and orange christmas lights. The kids then have to reach in to the "cooking" pot to get their candy. It looks pretty good but the kids are...
  2. Static: Question about FAKE BLOOD and MOD PODGE

    Halloween Props
    Okay, I'm new here, but any help would be so greatly appreciated :-) I'm making an 8X10-inch paper that will have simply a few words written in (fake) blood. I'm going to mail it to a friend, and it'll then be put into a picture frame and hung up by the friend I give it to. I'm not a...
  3. Atmosphere Effects: dry ice question?

    Halloween Props
    our local store sells dry ice, its like a 2-3 lb bag or something for a few bucks, what i want to do is put some on top of a radioactive barrel i made to have it look like its smoking a little bit, i dont want to use a fogger as we have wind. what i was thinking is making a little bowl of water...
  4. Huge Dry Erase Board - Ideas?

    General Halloween
    Hi to you all. I think I may have trained my kids TOO well! My daughter and her friend carried a very large (4ft x 6ft) whiteboard (dry erase board) home yesterday. It took them half an hour and it's quite heavy. They thought I could do something with it for Halloween. After doing my best...
  5. Other: Dried out rubber props

    Halloween Props
    Hello everyone. It's been well over a year since I've been on so I'm refreshing myself with everything. I looked up every sort of word variation for my question, and nothing came up. So I decided to ask right here. If this isn't a good spot for my question, I apologize. And please let me know if...
  6. Me v/s zombie makeup - Round 1

    I had previously posted asking about creating a zombie makeup for my son. I took all of your suggestions into account, watched a ton more tutorial videos (some people should not be allowed on YouTube by the way) and last night I finally felt ready to do battle with the zombie makeup! Here are...
  7. Other: Can't find the post on dryice bubbles was on a news show

    Halloween Props
    I can't find the post someone put up from a news report. It showed them making dry ice bubbles for the kids to play with. I changed phones and lost a bunch of my bookmarks. I was going to do this with the kids. They used dry ice and soap I think it was but not sure. Anyone remember the...
  8. Static: Haunted Mansion-esque Door Knocker

    Halloween Props
    So part of Halloween decorations this year is to do interior decorations to the parlor of our house, so I saw these cheapy door knockers at Dollar Tree. I pulled the knocker ring off and drybrushed Gold onto it to give an antiqued look. I then painted the entire headpiece a semi gloss black...