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  1. Pneumatic: Pop-up Lunger mech plan

    Halloween Props
    Anyone ever build the mech for a pop-up lunger prop ? I'm looking for specifics dimensions to build myself a mech like this: http://www.halloweenfxprops.com/gravestone-pop-up-lunger-mech/ I want to build a prop that would drop from the ceiling so i think that would be a good mech for it but i...
  2. Animating my Carnevil

    General Halloween
    Last year I did a Creepy Clown Carnival. It was mostly static because I got the wrong size motor for my wheel of death. This year I want to build a parachute drop ride with zombie babies riding on umbrella/parachutes. My issue is I can not find any plans or anyone who has attempted this. Has...
  3. Long time haunter and ex F/X guy

    Member Introduction
    Hi everyone, I have been doing home haunts for a long time. In my former life I was an F/X artist for a bunch of films in the 90's - early 2000's; I worked on makeup F/X and animatronics for Starship Troopers, Blade, Mimic, Alien Resurrection, 300, etc. If you have any questions about...
  4. Static: Graveyard keepers quarters and grounds prop

    Halloween Props
    This will be the new attraction at the yard haunt this year. One side of the yard will be all graveyard, the garage will be an asylum with drop panels and the electric chair and then the other side of the yard will be the Graveyard keepers quarters with the new haunted cabin prop, fence and...
  5. Static: Stick on window vinyl for rear projection ?

    Halloween Props
    Hey guys I seen a post here about window projector material but I don't want to use a sheet. Also someone said NOT to use a frosted material. Im thinking of a white translucent vinyl, would that work and does anyone have some links to amazon for brands they have tested. I hate the effect the...
  6. Electronic/Software: Is there a way to remotely trigger sound activated props?

    Halloween Props
    Hi Folks, We have one of those cheap drop spiders that drop down when you clap right over our door and would really like to be able to trigger it remotely. Is there a specific sound or device that would allow you to do that?
  7. Ideas wanted: How to add a clown theme to a graveyard/asylum yard haunt theme

    General Halloween
    Hello Everybody!!!! So excited to be back and for Fall (finally, it's been hot in Oklahoma) and the best holiday ever. This year I'm already busy building a new gallows prop (last one rotted) and since I have the lumber, a new guillotine will be started soon. But I do have need for some ideas...
  8. Inked Magazine!

    Announcements / Press Releases
    Hi Ghoul Gang, I am a contestant in the 2018 Inked Cover Girl contest and would REALLY appreciate my Halloween community to vote for me! You can vote one time per day, each day...I really need this help so please vote and share on social (make sure you read my bio as I talk about my plans for...
  9. Other: Garage Drop Ceiling

    Halloween Props
    This is kind of like the "Endless hallways" ceiling discussion thread. I have built a drop ceiling frame (see link) and now pondering on how to cover it. I have a roll of 20"x100" Black Plastic (easier to store but I bet it sags), I have a black 10x20ft EZ Pop Up Canopy Top Replacement (it's...
  10. Hello from st pete florida

    Member Introduction
    Hey everyone. Noob here. Working on some halloween projects for this year. Just thought I'd drop in and say hi. I'll def share pics of what I'm making soon.
  11. Mechanical: New drop panel picture ideas?

    Halloween Props
    Our drop panels are some of our best scares, but I'm always looking to change them up. Last year we did a white board at the end with a tally asking if we scared them, which dropped down as they went to write on it. Anyone have any new ideas? The pictures are getting a little stale.
  12. Here I am!

    Member Introduction
    Howdy! Just signed up, looks like a cool place. I like Halloween, but it's hard to get my older kids into it. They're in high school and college, so they're "too old" for it. But I'm a big kid so I decorate the yard and scare little kids on Halloween night and grab their candy when they drop it...
  13. Static: Drop panel How do I do the painting?

    Halloween Props
    I am going to have a drop panel in the haunt. Building a picture frame around the panel that will drop. The problem I have now is getting a picture on the drop panel. I am not the best artist so was just going to get a poster or something and attach it to the panel but I am worried with it...
  14. Did I Drop a Cord?

    Haunted Humor
  15. Other Halloween Zentangle

    Halloween Crafts
    Here's one my daughter did for me to hang in our 'witches room' back drop. It's big, 40"x30" .. I just need to mat and frame it now.
  16. Prop Showcase: Haunted Black Light Drop Panel Hallway

    Halloween Props
    I just thought I would share a recent video I made of the black light drop panel hallway we used for last year's haunt. We put a camera inside and it was definitely entertaining to see the reactions of the people coming through. I would love to know your thoughts and constructive criticism for...
  17. Mechanical: Question on those off the shelf Drop Down mechanisms

    Halloween Props
    I have a few of those off-the-shelf drop down mechanisms and was wondering if the drop down distance can be modified. I have mine packed away and so can't play with it right now so hoping someone has played with theirs already and knows the answer. I'm not motor savvy so if I can use one of the...
  18. Arch Oboler "Drop Dead! An Exercise In Horror!"

    Halloween Music
    DOWNLOAD LINK HERE: https://app.box.com/s/35u0t2i7298pij82cxs5soz6n01g01ou Tracks Include: Introduction To Horror I'm Hungry Taking Papa Home The Dark A Day At The Dentist's The Posse Chicken Heart The Laughing Man
  19. Need help with what to put on my TV during party?

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    I need something to put on my TV during my halloween party. I want to play music, so sound isn't much of a consideration. I would love some of that AtmosFear fx, but don't want to drop 50 bucks on a DVD just yet. Any suggestions, would be much appreciated. Thanks,
  20. Other: Drop panel help!

    Halloween Props
    We have 2 drop panels in a winding hallway that is 3' wide - it's a hallway of pictures in frames, and 2 of the pics drop down. They are close enough so that one will scare the front of a group, the second will scare the rear of the group. The panels are built and work great, but we've never...