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  1. Halloween Music
    Hey guys, I'm looking for sounds similar to the ones featured in the caves on Tom Sawyer Island at WDW. Here's a video where you can hear the sounds. I'm not looking for the dripping water sounds, but the magnetic whirring sounds and ghostly moaning you can hear around 1:01. Thanks!
  2. Halloween Props
    I picked up 3 sets of clearance Gemmy LED blood dripping light strands recently. Wasn't excited about them and don't really feel like they look like dripping blood at all since it's not a continuous moving light pattern but skips. The price was right though so I thought maybe there's a better...
  3. General Halloween
    Right now they say not currently available. I didn't know about them before and they awesome ! I'm really hoping they will come back in stock. The blood dripping, the edison, and the orange and black flame tips. Or doesn't anyone somewhere else I could find them ? Thanks =)
1-3 of 4 Results