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  1. Halloween Props
    i came up with a new idea for a Project to start on as summer approaches and I have a cool concept and layout art to show you I drew first and work on my computer on
  2. Halloween Crafts
    Hi everyone wanted to share how i did my skulls and spider snowflakes , my theme for Christmas this year was nbc First i drew them on to pink foam sheets Then i used a hot knife to cut them all out sanded them down ok i have to get a pick for you guys but i gave all of these hangers what...
  3. General Halloween
    Added a few new things this year. The big hit was The Pumpkin Patch Prowler which drew most of the photo ops. Here's Some videos PIcs
  4. Halloween Props
    Hey guys! As you all know I'm a sculptor. I just love sculpting Halloween props etc. But I didn't just start out sculpting! I drew way before I ever sculpted. Anyway I thought I would put down the clay for a bit and start some drawings from the Haunted Mansion. Once these are completed I will...
  5. General Halloween
    I project I have been working on, the last reading of Ichabod Crane Most Honorable, We have not met. My name is Talana De Violencia of the Romani. I am given to understand that you wish to know the fate of the academic known as Ichabod Crane. I will make this as fast as I may. In the last of...
1-5 of 5 Results