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  1. Halloween Props
    Anyone have a Gruesome Granny? She is from a few years ago I would say. Pink dress, from Tekky I believe. Mine works partially, and I just picked her up for practically nothing. She moves; leans down and kisses the baby, her eyes and the baby's eyes light up, but there is no sound. There is a...
  2. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I used this for my skeleton last year i do not need any more i am asking 40.00 plus shipping it is in perfect condition
  3. Halloween Costume Ideas
    Halloween is a special time for my boyfriend and I. We've been wanting to dress up together but we never know what to dress as. He wants something unique and new but I'm not sure what to dress as. Any ideas?
  4. Halloween Costume Ideas
    Hi, my wife wants to make a voodoo doll costume. We found this on Pinterest: This is more or less what she had in mind, but she wants to sew the dress herself. We've been searching for patterns for something like this, but haven't found anything. Anybody got something like this?
  5. Halloween Costume Ideas
    Working on a great idea for Hall2016, I need a good resource to make a very specific dress. I don't think local tailors will be able to cut it (pun intended)
  6. Halloween Costume Ideas
    Hello ! I have a friends fancy dress party coming up and they love all things scary! I am going with my bf and son and we both (me and my bf) want to dress up as vampires and our son as a bat! :-) So I would love to see what others have made or bought (or combination of both!) in regards to...
  7. Halloween Props
    Was wondering if anyone ever tried this is it pretty easy to do I wouldn't want to mess up any electrical things down there. I wanted to dress a gemmy prop different with a different costume!
  8. Halloween Costume Ideas
    I just read an article about how the Costume Industry is taking off. They claim that 1/3 of American adults plan to dress up on Halloween this year, a number that I totally disbelieve. So, True or False - In the US, one in three adults will dress up this Halloween. What say you?
  9. Halloween Props
    Hi. I'm new to the forum and am hoping someone can help me. I, like many others, am guilty of spending way too many hours scrolling through page after page of amazing things and pinning great idea after great idea from Pinterest. And, typically, if I see it and set my mind to it, I can make...
  10. Member Introduction
    Hello everyone! My name is Bailey. I hail from the great state of West Virginia. I have always loved Halloween and everything that goes with it. I worked at a costume shop during high school and was able to dress up as Michael Myers then stand outside the store scaring everyone who walked by. I...
  11. Wanted to Buy
    Does anyone know where else I could get the wire dress or something like it? I can't find it anywhere on the grandin road website...maybe they are sold out? Would love to see pictures of them lighted if anyone bought them. I picked out 3 things from the grandin road catalog, went to buy them...
  12. Product Reviews
    So, I needed to waterproof my latest projects, and decided to give this stuff a go. Presently, it's available just about everywhere, including your local walgreens...
  13. Halloween Costume Ideas
    So I've decided to try and make my wife a Daenerys costume for Halloween. our baby (who will be 3 months by Halloween) will be her dragon. Has anyone seen a pattern for this dress. I found this site which looks pretty comprehensive...
  14. Halloween Costume Ideas
    Talia is always challenging for me. I got creepy down, no problem. But she wants to be pretty AND creepy. She also gets something in her head and don't let it go. Think it was about a year ago, she had chosen her costume for last year, and we saw this on Faceoff. She said right...
  15. Wanted to Buy
    any have this prop?? what was original price?? there appear to be multiple versions. black dress, one knife in hand and severed head in other white dress, pumpkin in hand white dress, without any of the above
  16. Halloween Costume Ideas
    I am attending a Medieval wedding this Halloween and I am currently up-cycling my dress. I have taken an old dress and I am making it new again. I need some advice on the bodice... I dont like the dress's current one so I want to replace it... but with what? What pattern? What type of fabric...
  17. Member Introduction
    Hi! My name is Megan, I am new to the forum. Just moved to Nebraska from Texas. I have loved Halloween from a very young age. I am the only one in my immediate family who does. My husband thinks it is childish and my son is too young to understand it (although he does love the free candy). I...
  18. Halloween Costume Ideas
    Howdy folks. I thought it might be interesting to do a WIP thread on one of my new costumes. Most of my handmade stuff goes to my family BUT THIS ONE IS ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I planned it originally just as a steampunk type dress to wear to con's, but was inspired to do my own...
21-38 of 44 Results