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  1. Press break, anyone?

    Off-Topic Stuff
    I'm in need of two pieces of aluminum, 18" x 4". Each needs two bends near one of its long dimension, at 7/16" and 13/16". So, basically a "J". The pieces will be used to rebuild the failing, wooden sides of a silverware drawer in the kitchen whose wood has been whittled away over the years...
  2. Static: Morgue

    Halloween Props
    This is my big build for this year. Its a modular design six drawer morgue featuring overhead lighting (the center light flickers) clock, pressure gage, tempt gage, power buttons & water pipe.
  3. Haunted morgue drawers

    I run a LOW BUDGET (<$1000) haunt and am putting together a haunted hospital. My sticking point is in the morgue. I am trying to design 3 or 4 motion-triggerd drawers that will rattle or bang open/closed. Since I don't need a whole lot of travel room (a few inches to rattle or open/close) they...