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  1. Halloween Props
    This year's theme is Medieval/Castle/vikings. I am thinking a turret castle with a drawbridge for my entrance. I have a big old barn where I hold my party and build the appropriate theme entrance where guest walk in. Does anyone have pictures of things they have done for inspiration? My height...
  2. General Halloween
    A stage was set up , speakers,lights,all the needed equipment, all just maybe 25 feet from my Southern most property line, with the speakers pointed away from my house for the "Show", but the bass notes still rattled my window's glass in two rooms. The star was Whey Jennings, Grandson of Waylon...
  3. Halloween Props
    AWESOME home haunters in San JOse, CA who go all out EVERY YEAR with completely new theme. They call themselves The CRew on Boo Street (?) I think. Would LOVE to know if any of these geniuses are here on HF! This is all carved out of FOAM, and I think the drawbridge is actually made of wood...
1-3 of 3 Results