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  1. "Houdini and Doyle" series on Fox

    Horror Discussion
    If you are looking for something to watch during the lull in new shows, I'd recommend a new show that started In May on Fox. Both my husband and I have enjoyed binge watching a few episodes at a time to get caught up. Since I started watching late, I've been catching up, for free, through the...
  2. Hauntcast 52 Crawls out of the Black Lagoon

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    Now Playing - Hauntcast 52 HAUNTING GURU INTERVIEW: Baker chops it up with Dexter Morgan of Haunted Fresno. GHOULIE GROOVES: Doyle melts down the Hauntcast Hi-Fi with searing tracks from “Abominator”. THE BONE PHONE: A chat with Ted Dougherty, author of Knott’s Halloween Haunt: A Picture...