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  1. Krampus on the Shelf

    General Halloween
    While holiday baking, I decided to whip up a new salt dough friend. Here's my answer to that twerpy little goody two-shoes Elf on the Shelf. ♫ ♫ ♪ Better not cry Better not pout Or Krampus will come And rip out your throat... ♫ ♫ ♪
  2. Happy April Fools Day!

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Happy April Fools Day! 😜 Anyone have any epic pranks for the day?!?! First .. We prank big time here and our sense of humor is 'wrong' .. So if easily offended, back out now. Lol I've gotten everyone besides my youngest. 😉 First the oh so classic piece of cellophane tape on the sink...
  3. 3D skull pizza/calzone

    General Halloween
    Just wanted to share my lunch with everyone today. I made it with the Wilton 3D skull cake pan and some pillsbury pizza dough. A little too much sauce but still quite tasty.
  4. Other Salt Dough Pumpkins and Headstones

    Halloween Crafts
    Last Christmas I made some salt dough Snowmen and I really wanted to make some Halloween ones. So about a month ago I made these. Before baking Baked - a little over done oops! Painted and sealed