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  1. Halloween Props
    It's true. I sold my soul to Rock and Roll. Today, Hell came to collect.
  2. Announcements / Press Releases
    9 Months in the making, but it's finally here! ** HAUNTCAST POST MORTEM 11 - Dungeon of Doom ** featuring Brent Wilson of Planet Doom Haunted House, Jasper Anderson of Chickenprops.com, David & Claire of Midsummer Scream and music from The Spooky. Download here...
  3. Halloween Music
    1. Introduzione, Paura, Liberazio - Fabio Frizzi (City Of The Living Dead) 2. Devil's Nightmare - Alessandro Alessandroni 3. Kilometer (Arpanet Remix) - Sebastien Tellier 4. The End - The Splash Band / Amityville Frenzy - Lalo Schifrin 5. The Saint Became A Lush - Psyche / Blow Your Brains Out -...
1-3 of 4 Results